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Warne's bouncers, tantrums of no help

September 24, 2006, 1:28 PM IST
Warne's bouncers, tantrums of no help

London: Spin wizard Shane Warne is known to deal in leg-breaks, googlies and flippers, but he resorted to bowling bouncers and throwing tantrums while leading Hampshire in an English county game against Lancashire which ended in a farce.

The Australian legend made his frustration well known after the opposition did not declare their second innings in a bid to cement second place in the championship.

A chase would have given Hampshire a chance to take second spot for themselves.

Lancashire had already lost out on the title to Sussex, but they had made their runners-up position safe earlier in this game when Hampshire failed to secure maximum bonus points.

Warne had hoped that there would be a declaration and a run chase, but Lancashire skipper Mark Chilton opted to bat on to a score of 339 for six, an overall lead of 562.

The leg-spinner did not appreciate the thinking behind the decision to continue batting.

"Coming into the day and after losing a day through rain, we thought we were going to get a game. It got to the stage where they were 430 ahead with 60 overs left and still didn't declare. It was ridiculous. I started throwing some lob-ups to see if they wanted any more runs but that didn't work."

Shortly after lunch, Warne and his other bowlers deliberately offered up a series of ridiculous deliveries in an apparent protest.

The leg-spinner himself sent down a succession of bouncers and was no-balled for throwing the ball from a standing start.

Even wicketkeeper Nic Pothas bowled three overs. It got so ridiculous that a no-ball was given for the ball bouncing twice before reaching the batsman.

In a single over, Chris Benham delivered three balls with his left arm before changing to his right.

Chilton admitted that he perhaps should have done more to make a game of it.

"We definitely didn't want to lose the game so we were going to bat ourselves into a very strong position," he said.

"After lunch there was a window of opportunity in which we could, and should have perhaps, declared. But after Hampshire started throwing the bowl 20 feet into the air, we decided it would be inappropriate. I'm not proud of what happened but I feel sorry for all the spectators. If I could have the time again, I would have done it differently and I will learn from things like this."

Warne did not see anything wrong with the way his side reacted to the situation.

"We did everything we could to get a game but I was disappointed for the crowd who had come to see what happened."

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