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WATCH | Best Of Behind The Scenes From IPL 2021

green room

green room

The 8 teams have gone all tech-savvy and are pouring umpteen quirky, full of wit and buffoonery videos for fanfam to relish, enjoy and make connection on a deeper level

This year’s Indian Premier League (IPL) is extra special as it has proven to be the silver lining amidst the ongoing glum second wave of Covid-19 that has so far affected many across the country.  With that being said, we are back with our compilation of the best behind the scenes covering the extra-light moments, camaraderie, bonhomie, and rapport amongst the players of the respective squads.

1.) Before we start off with anything, let’s stop and ask Riyan Parag the reason behind his “selfie”

2.) With Riyan all set for new entertaining ideas, here’s the CSK’s dressing room vibe after winning

3.) This is something scandalous, RCB re-christening to “ABD”, watch this and find out yourself

4.) Hit-Myer and his take on winning, losing, striving, and striking, the caption reads “Here’s to many more such Hettie-Pant partnerships 💙”

5.) Here’s a peek at RCB’s green room after that cliffhanger of a win by 1 run, but all is well if you manage to be on top.

6.) CSK welcomes you to “You Laugh, You Lose”, watch this yourself to understand the status quo.

7.) SRH champs take on deciding the perfect alter-ego, “entertainment unleashed”.

8.) More from travel dairies of the SRH, pack up, gear up and move up.

9.) DC’s super over specialist, caption reads “Dhai Axar Game Ke ft. Avesh Khan”

10.) KKR’s Rahul Tripathi reacts to tweet-meme game, the caption reads “Talking Guard”.

10.) Hardik Pandaya and his “White Grip Mystery”, watch this to know more.

11.) Candids from the CSK’s camaraderie.

12.) The Universe Boss and his Happy Go Lucky forever mood.

13.) The bowl out challenge “Parag vs Livingstone”.

The stakes being high as the mountain now, competition all pumped up, we’ll keep you in touch with more such off guard, laid back, off the field, green room stories, for the times are changing, let’s connect more, understand more, and enjoy to the most

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first published:May 02, 2021, 07:01 IST