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West Indies vs Bangladesh, 1st Test Day 3 at Antigua, Highlights: As it Happened

Cricketnext Staff | Updated: July 6, 2018, 10:47 PM IST

1st Test, Sir Vivian Richards Stadium, Antigua 04 - 08 July, 2019

Toss won by West Indies (decided to bowl)

West Indies beat Bangladesh by an innings and 219 runs

Man of the Match: Kemar Roach

West Indies vs Bangladesh, 1st Test Day 3 at Antigua, Highlights: As it Happened

Jason Holder

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Day 2 round-up: Bangladesh were sliding towards a massive innings defeat after the West Indies completely dominated the second day of the first Test match at the Sir Vivian Richards Stadium in Antigua on Thursday. After Kraigg Brathwaite’s seventh Test hundred anchored the West Indies first innings total of 406 to give the home side a first innings lead of 363, Shannon Gabriel compensated for a wicketless effort on the opening day with figures of four for 36 to reduce the visitors to 62 for six in their second turn at the crease by the close of play.

Routed for just 43, their lowest-ever Test innings total, in the first innings, the Bangladeshis still need another 301 runs just to make the West Indies bat again going into day three. That looks an impossible prospect in conditions which are completely alien to them and in which the home side’s quartet of fast bowlers has revelled. But for a no-ball delivered by Miguel Cummins in the last over of the day when he could have claimed the wicket of Mahmudullah, the West Indies would have had the option of requesting an additional half-hour at the end of the day to finish off the match. It leaves Mahmudullah to resume on the third morning with wicketkeeper-batsman Nurul Hasan, although it will be merely delaying the inevitable given the struggles of the Bangladeshis in coping with the pace and bounce of their West Indian opponents in seamer-friendly conditions. Jason Holder took the other two wickets, sharing the new ball with the fiery Gabriel in the absence of Kemar Roach, who initiated the demolition of the Bangladesh first innings with outstanding figures of five for eight but was troubled by what appeared to be a muscular strain at the back of his right knee during that effort. He showed no discomfort though in an innings of 33 and a partnership of 58 with Shai Hope for the eighth wicket. However the bulk of the batting effort for the West Indies was provided by the erstwhile Brathwaite, who occupied the crease for over seven hours – from before lunch on day one to just after lunch on day two – in compiling 121. Hope ensured the West Indies middle-order didn't buckle completely. Resuming at the overnight position of 201 for two with Brathwaite and nightwatchman Devendra Bishoo at the crease, they suffered a mini-collapse in early afternoon when losing three wickets for 16 runs. That was the only period in the Test match so far when the Bangladeshis appeared to be holding any sort of initiative as spinners Mehidy Hasan and Shakib al Hasan posed significant challenges. However Hope showed his class in an innings of 67 and by the time he was ninth out with the score at 400, the only question was whether or not the West Indies could have been as ruthless as in the first innings to finish the match inside two days. Gabriel’s raw pace was too hot to handle for the Bangladesh top-order as he claimed the prized scalps of Tamim Iqbal, Mominul Haque, Mushfiqur Rahim and captain Shakib al Hasan to lift his tally of Test wickets in this Caribbean season to 24 in four matches.

Commentary (Bangladesh innings)

That brings us to the close of a one-sided affair. Although they are ranked 9th, one below Bangladesh, they showed us what they can do if they perform as a team. Bangladesh, on the other hand, have a lot of work to do. They need to adapt quickly to these bouncy tracks if they are to pose any kind of challenge to the home side. Join us from 12th of July for the 2nd and final Test of this series in Jamaica at 1000 Local (1500 GMT). Till then, cheers!

Man of the Match, Kemar Roach, says he has played a couple of times against Bangladesh and has always done well against them. Mentions the pitches here have helped him a lot and they are a fast bowler's delight. Ends by saying Shannon Gabriel has always been fantastic and Miguel Cummins and Jason Holder provide great support.

Windies skipper, Jason Holder, says it is good to start the series well. Adds further he never thought this game would be so easy but their bowlers were exceptional and they set up the victory. Admits they still have a lot to improve and he hopes to carry forward the momentum in the second game. Appreciates the effort put in by the pace bowlers. Ends by saying they were disappointed after losing the last Test against Sri Lanka but is pleased to take a 1-0 lead in this series.

Bangladesh skipper, Shakib Al Hasan, says they knew it was going to be tough and they have been beaten comprehensively in all three departments. Admits it is not easy to adapt to these conditions but they will have to do so in the next match. Credits the way Nurul Hasan batted and also appreciates how Abu Jayed bowled on his debut. Ends by saying he is a good prospect for the future.

Gabriel came out this morning and picked up a fifer, his third this year, also the most by a bowler in 2018. The final resistance from Hasan and Hossain did last 79 balls but that was it. The Windies were a far superior team and gave the visitors a proper thrashing.

The away side didn't learn from their mistakes and were at sea one more time with the bat. A slight niggle forced Roach to stay away from action but this time, Shannon Gabriel came into the limelight. There was a danger of the tourists getting bowled out on Day 2 itself but somehow they survived. Gabriel was in his elements as he took four quick wickets while Holder picked up two before the close of Day 2.

After that, the hosts batted nicely as well. Kraigg Brathwaite was the hero as he played a gutsy knock and scored a brilliant ton. Devon Smith and Shai Hope scored fifties as well while there were useful contributions all through, five 50+ stands to be precise. Amidst all this, a mini comeback from the spinners, Shakib and Mehidy did give them some hope but they were already way behind, conceding a lead of 373.

Earlier, Holder won the toss and asked Shakib & Co to bat on a greenish track. The tourists were found wanting against the moving ball as Kemar Roach literally broke the backbone of the opposition, taking a fifer inside the first hour of the match. Cummins & Holder ensured that the downfall continued, bowling Bangladesh out for 43, their lowest score in a Test innings.

This has been a brilliant all-round display from the hosts and they have beaten the visitors black and blue. The victory margin could have been more for the Windies but the Bangladeshis showed some application for the first time in this game (this morning), delaying the inevitable. Apart from the brilliant fifty from Nurul Hasan and some resistance from Rubel Hossain, the visitors disappointed with the bat once again.

40.2 Cummins to R Hossain, OUT! That's the final nail in the coffin! Back of a length ball on middle and leg, Hossain clears his front leg and tries to hammer it across the line but misses to find the furniture behind him disturbed. Big smiles among the hosts' players. WINDIES WIN BY AN INNINGS AND 219 RUNS! 144/10

40.1 M Cummins to Hossain, Back of a length ball, punched out off the back foot. 144/9

39.6 D Bishoo to Jayed, Similar ball, similar result. 144/9

39.5 D Bishoo to Jayed, Outside off, left alone. 144/9

39.4 D Bishoo to Jayed, Spinning away from Jayed who tries to defend it but gets beaten. 144/9

39.3 D Bishoo to Jayed, Tossed up ball, kept out watchfully. 144/9

39.2 D Bishoo to Hossain, Tossed up ball, pushed off the front foot through mid off for a run. 144/9

39.1 D Bishoo to Hossain, The batsman rocks onto the back foot and punches the ball. 143/9

38.6 M Cummins to Jayed, Weird shot! Another bouncer, Jayed looks to duck under it initially but then tries to ramp it over the slip cordon but misses. 143/9

The debutant, Abu Jayed is the last man in.

38.5 Cummins to Hasan, OUT! The 55-run stand has been finally broken! The Windies will heave a sigh of relief. Shortish ball on off, Hasan is not in that good a position but tries to flat-bat it over Cummins. However, he fails to middle his shot properly. The bowler leaps in his followthrough to take it. A terrific knock from the wicket-keeper batsman nonetheless. 143/9

38.4 M Cummins to Hasan, Yes, the bowlers need to keep on varying their lines and lengths. Cummins bowls a well-directed bouncer on off, Nurul drops his wrists and lets it go. 143/8

38.3 M Cummins to Hasan, Stump-to-stump line from Cummins this time, Nurul blocks it towards the bowler. 143/8

38.2 M Cummins to Hasan, Similar length ball, Nurul strides ahead and defends it down the pitch. 143/8

38.1 M Cummins to Hasan, Fuller length ball around off, Nurul crouches and defends it towards square leg. 143/8

37.6 D Bishoo to Hossain, Rubel uses the depth of the crease to this one and blocks it right under his eyes. 143/8

37.5 D Bishoo to Hasan, Straighter one, tucked with the angle to the leg side for a run. 143/8

37.4 D Bishoo to N Hasan, Spinning away from Nurul as he cuts it to the point fielder. 142/8

37.3 D Bishoo to Hasan, The batsman defends it from within the crease. 142/8

37.2 D Bishoo to Hasan, Short ball from Bishoo, Hasan pulls it to deep mid-wicket for a couple. 142/8

37.1 D Bishoo to Hasan, Tossed up ball, defended solidly off the front foot. 140/8

36.6 M Cummins to Hossain, Well outside off, played with an angled bat towards gully. 140/8

36.5 M Cummins to Hossain, Good length ball, answered with a straight bat. 140/8

36.4 M Cummins to R Hossain, FOUR! Streaky but effective! The runs continue to come for Bangladesh! Full length ball outside off, Hossain tries to drive it through the line but gets an outside edge over the leaping Shai Hope at gully. That brings up the 50-run stand between the duo, certainly a bright spot for the visitors. 140/8

36.3 M Cummins to Hossain, Hossain hops and blocks the back of the length ball. 136/8

36.2 M Cummins to Hossain, The batsman has attempted to put bat on ball but fails. 136/8

36.1 M Cummins to Hossain, Length ball around off, Rubel tries to work it away but is early into his shot. Ends up getting a leading edge but the ball lands well wide of the left side of Cummins. 136/8

No, there won't be spin in tandem as Cummins is back on.

35.6 D Bishoo to Hasan, Good deception from Bishoo, almost had the better of Hasan! He spots the batsman coming down the track and spins it past him. The keeper clips the bails off but Nurul does well to drag his bat in. 136/8

35.5 D Bishoo to Hasan, Slower through the air, defended solidly off the front foot. 136/8

35.4 D Bishoo to Hasan, Loopy ball on off, kept out watchfully. 136/8

35.3 D Bishoo to Hasan, Bishoo gives this one a lot of air and lands it around middle and leg, Hasan clears his front leg and dead-bats it. 136/8

35.2 D Bishoo to Hasan, Defended off the front foot by the batsman presenting the full face of the bat. 136/8

35.1 D Bishoo to Hasan, Shorter in length outside off, punched off the back foot to short mid-wicket. 136/8

So, spin in tandem. Change of ends for Bishoo.

34.6 R Chase to Hossain, Slow through the air, clipped to the leg side for a couple. 136/8

34.5 R Chase to Hasan, Floated ball outside off, Nurul places it through mid off for a single. 134/8

34.4 R Chase to Hasan, Slow through the air, patted to mid on. 133/8

34.3 R Chase to Hossain, Landed on middle and leg, clipped with the spin past short leg for a single. 133/8

34.2 R Chase to Hossain, Similar ball, Chase with a high backlift blocks it towards short leg. The fielder takes evasive action as he felt a big shot was coming. 132/8

34.1 R Chase to Hossain, Tossed up generously on off, Rubel lunges in defense. 132/8

Roston Chase has been called in to roll his arm over. Can he break this stand?

33.6 M Cummins to Hasan, Similar ball, Nurul doesn't flirt with it. 132/8

33.5 M Cummins to Hasan, Beaten! Hasan is looking a bit tentative all of a sudden. Perhaps, a lapse in concentration. Back of a length ball well outside off, Hasan reaches for it as the ball moves away past the outside edge of his bat. 132/8

33.4 M Cummins to Hasan, Well bowled! Takes off from a back of a length to land Nurul in an uncomfortable position. He hops and fends it off at the last moment. 132/8

33.3 M Cummins to Hasan, Good carry on this occasion! Good length ball well outside off, takes off after landing. Hasan points his bat skywards to let it be. 132/8

33.2 M Cummins to Hasan, Back of a length ball, shaping in again. Nurul tries to force it off the back foot through covers but gets it off the inner half to mid-wicket. 132/8

33.1 M Cummins to Hasan, Good length ball angling in from just outside off, Hasan stands tall and blocks it stoutly. 132/8

32.6 D Bishoo to Hossain, Nicely played! Loopy ball on off, defended with a straight bat. 132/8

32.5 D Bishoo to Hossain, This time Hossain tries to defend the away turning delivery outside off but gets beaten. 132/8

32.4 D Bishoo to Hossain, Fullish ball, tapped to mid on. 132/8

32.3 D Bishoo to Hossain, Rubel turns this against the spin through mid-wicket for a couple. Frustrating times for the Windies as this pair has digged in. 132/8

32.2 D Bishoo to Hossain, Almost a replica of the previous ball as Hossain doesn't fiddle with it. 130/8

32.1 D Bishoo to Hossain, Quicker one outside off, left alone. 130/8

31.6 M Cummins to Hasan, Good length ball, kept out from the comfort of the crease. 130/8

31.5 M Cummins to Hasan, A slight appeal for a caught behind denied! A gentle short ball going down the leg side, Nurul moves inside the line and tries to help-pull it away but misses. Dowrich takes it and is interested but the umpire isn't. Replays show there was no bat involved. 130/8

31.4 M Cummins to Hasan, On a length outside off, Nurul leaves it alone. The replays spot that a couple of deliveries back, Cummins had overstepped but the umpire didn't spot it. 130/8

31.3 M Cummins to Hasan, The batsman defends it from within the crease. 130/8

31.2 M Cummins to Hasan, Full length ball well outside off, Nurul shuffles across and watches it pass through. 130/8

31.1 M Cummins to R Hossain, Fullish delivery, angling in, played with soft hands towards mid on for a run. 130/8

30.6 D Bishoo to Hasan, Flatter in trajectory, kept out watchfully. 129/8

30.5 D Bishoo to N Hasan, Just wide of Brathwaite! Floated outside off, skids on after pitching. Hasan has a push at it but gets an outside edge. Kraigg at first slip gets low to his right but the ball sneaks beneath his fingers towards third man. A couple taken. 129/8

30.4 D Bishoo to Hossain, Played to mid-wicket region by the batsman. The batsmen have run through for a single. 127/8

30.3 D Bishoo to Hossain, Tossed up ball, played against the spin to mid-wicket. 126/8

30.2 D Bishoo to Hasan, Shortish ball outside off, pushed off the back foot for an easy run. 126/8

30.1 D Bishoo to Hasan, SIX! And Nurul welcomes him in style! Half-tracker outside off, Hasan has a good base as he pulls it over wide mid on. It is going, going and just lands over the ropes. 125/8

Time for Drinks! And after that, they have decided to bring in Devendra Bishoo. He comes on to bowl for the first time in this game.

29.6 M Cummins to Hossain, Hangs back to the length ball and tucks it to mid-wicket. 119/8

29.5 M Cummins to Hasan, Back of a length ball in the same area, guided past gully and this time there is protection in the deep. Only a run results. 119/8

29.4 M Cummins to Hasan, Good length ball well outside off, played with an angled bat to point. 118/8

29.3 M Cummins to Hasan, Outside off, tapped to the cover region. 118/8

29.2 M Cummins to Hasan, The batsman appears to have been struck on the thigh pad. 118/8

29.1 M Cummins to Hasan, Almost dragged that one! Back of a length ball around off, Hasan tries to place it square of the wicket on the off side but is cramped for room. Only manages an inside edge that rolls behind but his back boot comes to the rescue. 118/8

Miguel Cummins comes into the attack.

28.6 J Holder to Hossain, Slightly overpitched on middle, clipped over mid-wicket for a couple. 10 from this over. 118/8

28.5 J Holder to Hossain, In the channel outside off, left alone. 116/8

28.4 J Holder to N Hasan, Maiden Test fifty for Nurul Hasan! He has been a silver lining for the visitors amidst some dark clouds. It has been a quickfire knock as well, 50 from only 36. Fullish ball, tailing in, Hasan pushes at it but gets it off the inner half of the bat through backward square leg. A run taken. The young wicket-keeper batsman raises his bat towards his camp and gets a big round of applause. He has been the torch-bearer for his side. 116/8

28.3 J Holder to Hasan, Full ball outside off, Nurul eases it through covers for a brace. He moves onto 49 from 35 balls, also his highest score in a Test match innings. 115/8

28.2 J Holder to Hasan, FOUR! Innovative! This young man certainly has some fine skills. Holder bowls a short ball on middle and leg, Hasan backs away and ramps it over the keeper to pick up another boundary. 113/8

28.1 J Holder to Hossain, Fullish ball, Hossain flicks it through mid-wicket for a couple. 109/8

27.6 S Gabriel to Hasan, SIX! Nurul has been all over Gabriel in this over as 17 have come off it. The pacer tries an off cutter but it is right in the slot for Hasan. He launches it over long off and just clears the fence. He is playing a pretty good knock. 108/8

27.5 S Gabriel to N Hasan, FOUR! Poor ball and duly punished! Short but it is ill-directed. Down the leg side as Hasan pulls it past the keeper to the fine leg ropes. 102/8

27.4 S Gabriel to N Hasan, Full length ball attacking the stumps, tapped to mid on. 98/8

27.3 S Gabriel to Hasan, FOUR! Nurul Hasan is playing competently! It is short and wide, still it has to be put away. Nurul rises on his toes and slashes it over backward point for a rocketing boundary. 98/8

27.2 S Gabriel to Hasan, The batsman has defended it by getting right behind the line of the delivery. 94/8

27.1 S Gabriel to Hasan, Angling into Nurul who times his flick nicely through mid-wicket to come back for a brace. 94/8

27.1 S Gabriel to Hasan, Wide! Short ball but it is too short, Nurul goes for the hook but doesn't connect. 92/8

26.6 J Holder to Hasan, Taps this one with soft hands and takes a single to retain the strike. 91/8

26.5 J Holder to Hasan, Holder tries to bring the forward short leg in place by bowling it down the leg side but Hasan doesn't connect with his flick. 90/8

Deep forward square leg in place now.

26.4 J Holder to Hossain, Holder tries to catch Hossain off guard with a full delivery. The batsman is up to it as he plays it with soft hands past the bowler for a run. 90/8

26.3 J Holder to Hossain, The batsman fails to put bat on ball. 89/8

26.2 J Holder to Hossain, Short of a length ball, climbing on Hossain. He hops and blocks it down the pitch. 89/8

26.1 J Holder to Hasan, Coming in with the natural angle, tucked to the leg side for a single. 89/8

25.6 S Gabriel to Hossain, Outside off, Hossain plays at it and misses. 88/8

25.5 S Gabriel to Hossain, Fullish ball outside off, pushed off the front foot to covers. 88/8

Rubel Hossain walks out to bat.

25.4 Gabriel to K Islam, OUT! Bowled 'em! The sound of the ball hitting the stumps is music to the ears of a pace bowler. Gabriel is on fire and he picks a fifer, 5th of his career and 3rd in this year. No other bowler has taken as many five-wicket hauls as Shannon has taken in 2018 - that proves he has been belligerent. Coming back to the ball, it is on a fuller length on off, angling in. Islam clears his front leg to play an agricultural slog over mid-wicket but misses it completely to find his stumps shattered. Shannon pumps his fist in the air with a lot of intensity. Kamrul must have been jolted after the blow he took on the chin a couple of deliveries back. Shows the lack of temperament of a tailender. Windies are only two wickets away from an innings victory. 88/8

25.3 S Gabriel to K Islam, Another sharp bumper, this time Islam manages to sway away from the line and evade it. 88/7

That looked ugly, the blow on the chin of Islam. He looks shaken. The umpire walks across to him and tells him to call for the physio and he does so.

25.2 Gabriel to Islam, Oh no! That will hurt Islam! Shortish ball, climbing on Islam sharply. He tries to sway away from the line but takes a blow just below the grille of the helmet, on the chin. He looks shaken and has a look of anguish on his face. His partner walks across to him in order to check on him. Well, the replay shows that he could have been hit wicket as well as he lost his balance and almost stepped on the stumps. 88/7

25.1 S Gabriel to Islam, Slips this one down the leg side, Islam tries to put bat on ball but misses. 88/7

24.6 J Holder to Hasan, Hangs back to the length ball and blocks it with a straight bat. 88/7

24.5 J Holder to Hasan, Hasan gets adventurous and walks down the track to unsettle Holder. The bowler remains stable though and bowls a well-directed bouncer around off. Nurul has to quickly sway away and does well to evade it. 88/7

24.4 J Holder to Hasan, Coming in from well outside off, Nurul waits for it and taps it to gully. The wicket-keeper batsman has now faced the most no of deliveries in this innings, 22. A mini-achievement for him. 88/7

24.3 J Holder to Islam, Angling down the leg side, tucked to the left side of the keeper for a run. 88/7

24.2 J Holder to Islam, The batsman manages only a bottom edge on that one. 87/7

24.1 J Holder to Islam, Back of a length ball on off, shapes away late to square Kamrul up. He tries to cover the line but misses. The ball swings away late as Dowrich dives to take it. Holder appeals slightly but no reaction from the umpire. The replay shows clear daylight between bat and ball. 87/7

23.6 S Gabriel to Hasan, Where did that come from? Out of the blue really. Full ball well outside off, Hasan moves across his stumps and goes for a T20 mode scoop but the ball goes through his legs and to the keeper. Could have been painful had the ball bounced more. 87/7

23.5 S Gabriel to Islam, Fullish delivery, swinging in, clipped with the angle through mid-wicket for a single. 87/7

23.4 S Gabriel to Islam, On a length well outside off, guided nicely to the man at point. 86/7

23.3 S Gabriel to Hasan, On a driveable length outside off, Hasan leans ahead and just strokes it to covers to rotate strike. 86/7

23.2 S Gabriel to Hasan, Dropped! Can't blame the fielder as they either stick or don't! Gabriel hits the deck hard and also angles it in sharply. Hasan tries to rise with the bounce and control it but he doesn't manage to do so. Fends it off uppishly towards Powell at short leg who reacts and gets a left hand to it but the ball pops out and falls down. Gabriel shows his frustration as he missed a chance to pick up a 5-fer. Can feel for him as they don't come easy. 85/7

23.1 J Holder to Hasan, FOUR! Played with authority! Shortish ball, sits up nicely for Nurul. He stays composed and nails the pull over mid-wicket to pick up another boundary. 85/7

22.6 J Holder to Islam, Back of a length ball, Islam hops and keeps it out. 81/7

22.5 J Holder to Islam, On a length, coming in with the natural angle, clipped towards mid-wicket. 81/7

22.4 J Holder to Islam, Defended off the back foot by the batsman. 81/7

22.3 J Holder to Islam, Length ball on off, shapes away nicely and late to go past the hanging bat of the tailender. 81/7

22.2 J Holder to Islam, In the zone outside off, left alone. 81/7

22.1 J Holder to Islam, Tries to get behind the line of a good length ball but fails to do and is hit on the thigh pads. 81/7

21.6 S Gabriel to Hasan, In the corridor of uncertainty, played with an angled bat to the slip cordon. 81/7

21.5 S Gabriel to Hasan, The batsman chooses to leave the ball outside his off stump. 81/7

21.4 S Gabriel to Hasan, Howzat? Probably not! Fuller length ball angling in substantially, Nurul tries to work it away but seems to have got beaten. The ball deflects off the thigh pad to the gully fielder. The Windies appeal but they are not that confident. Holder wants an answer from his mates but looks like he hasn't got any. Doesn't take the review. Rightly so, as the replay shows clear daylight between bat and ball. 81/7

21.3 S Gabriel to Hasan, Not a convincing stroke! Full ball wide outside off, Nurul goes after it but is only successful in slicing it over the point region. The fielder backtracks but the ball falls down safely. A couple taken. 81/7

21.2 S Gabriel to Hasan, FOUR! Well played! This is a good opportunity for the youngster to prove himself. Angling in from a back of a length, Hasan waits for it and guides it through the gap between slip cordon and gully to find the fence. 79/7

21.1 S Gabriel to Hasan, Short of a length around off, defended solidly off the back foot. 75/7

20.6 J Holder to Islam, Holder opts to pitch this one up, Kamrul comes ahead and defends it nicely. 75/7

20.5 J Holder to Islam, Outside off, a play and a miss from Islam. 75/7

20.4 J Holder to K Islam, Well played eventually! Back of a length ball, shaping away late. Islam gets behind the line of the ball to tackle it but gets an inside edge towards short leg. 75/7

20.3 J Holder to Islam, Holder bangs the deck hard again as Kamrul rises with the bounce to tap it towards the gully fielder. 75/7

20.2 J Holder to Islam, On a length outside off, dabbed to point. 75/7

20.1 J Holder to Islam, Shortish ball on middle and leg, some nibble in the air. Islam hops and manages to fend it towards mid-wicket. 75/7

19.6 S Gabriel to Hasan, Hangs back to a length ball and defends it stoutly. 75/7

19.5 S Gabriel to Hasan, On a length outside off, angling in, Nurul tries to guide it to third man but is beaten. 75/7

19.4 S Gabriel to Islam, Close shave! Back of a length ball outside off, Islam goes for a cut but only manages a inside edge that just rolls past the leg stump. The batsmen scamper for a run as the shy from the square leg fielder misses. Could have easily dragged it on. 75/7

19.3 S Gabriel to Islam, FOUR! 11 runs already from the over. Yorker outside off, Islam tries to jam it out but gets a thick outside edge past the slip cordon for a boundary. 74/7

19.2 S Gabriel to Hasan, Some runs for Bangladesh! Fullish ball, clipped nicely through mid-wicket for three runs. 70/7

19.1 S Gabriel to Hasan, FOUR! Fullish ball down the leg side, Hasan tickles it fine as Dowrich dives to his left but the ball goes past him in a flash and races to the fence. 67/7

Shannon Gabriel to bowl from the other end.

18.6 J Holder to Islam, Almost a replica of the previous ball as Kamrul takes another blow in the same region. 63/7

18.5 J Holder to Islam, Back of a length ball, Islam tries to play it across but gets hit on the thigh pads. 63/7

18.4 J Holder to Islam, Safe! The answers to both the questions are no. Fullish delivery, shaping in, Islam tries to block it but seems to have got an outside edge behind as Smith crouches at second slip to take it and appeal. However, the umpire is unmoved. Holder after a chat with his teammates opts for the DRS. The replays roll in. Well, there is a clear edge. Has it carried? No, it has gone on the bounce into the hands of Devon. 63/7

Holder feels that he has got the better of Islam. There are two things in question - whether it is LBW or is there bat involved and has it been taken at second slip? Let's find out.

18.3 J Holder to Islam, Fullish delivery around off, kept out watchfully. 63/7

18.2 J Holder to Islam, Played to the point region by the batsman. 63/7

Kamrul Islam comes out to bat.

18.1 J Holder to Mahmudullah, OUT! Yes, the catch is clean! The dream continues for the Windies! A jaffa from Holder after a loosener to catch Mahmudullah off guard. It is on a back of a length on off and straightens with some extra bounce. The tall all-rounder is squared up as he pokes at it and ends up outside edging it towards third slip. Chase stationed there dives in front to collect it. The umpires refer it upstairs to see if it is a legal catch. The replay confirms that it is a proper catch. 63/7

Mahmudullah has been caught at third slip by Roston Chase but he is waiting. The umpires get together and decide to take it upstairs in order to check whether it has been taken cleanly or not.

18.1 J Holder to Mahmudullah, Wide! Holder starts off with a loosener down the leg side. Some stretching for Dowrich as he dives to his left to collect it. 63/6

We are set to get rolling. Mahmudullah and Nurul Hasan to resume their innings. Jason Holder to bowl first up this morning. Three slips and a gully in place. Here we go...

Pitch Report - Jeff Dujon assessing the surface that there are a bit of cracks now. Adds that there is some variable bounce because of this reason. Ends by saying that if the bowlers continue to bowl in the areas when the track has loosened up, this game is not going to last long.

Daren Ganga has a chat with the Windies coach, Stuart Law. He says that is has been a pleasing performance so far. States that they started this way against the Sri Lankans and it has been a similar show now. Praises his bowlers for performing well consistently and is happy with them. Mentions that he is aware that his pace bowlers have good averages since 2017. Wants them to replicate such performances in all the formats. Informs there is a big year coming ahead. Adds that Gabriel is leading the attack while Holder and Roach have played the perfect foil. Feels that the tracks have been good. Adds that the grass on it has helped to extract bounce. Ends by saying that Roach has a bit of a niggle and they don't want to risk him in this game.

The Windies, on the other hand, have been relentless. This has been a kind of performance which you visualize to pull off whenever you step on to the field. With only 4 more wickets to take and with a cushion of 301 runs, this should be a walk in the park unless the pair of Mahmudullah and Nurul Hasan decide to dig in. It will be nice to see if the visitors do utilize the final opportunity to showcase some of their skills.

Hello and a warm welcome to the coverage of Day 3 and probably the last day of the game. Everyone would have expected the Bangla Tigers to at least put up some sort of a fight but they have been completely at sea. There are numerous reasons behind it - their batsmen haven't applied themselves coupled with some poor shot selections. The approach has been casual as well and their bowlers have struggled to find rhythm. With so many blemishes, you ought to find yourself on the back foot.

... Day 3, Session 1 ...

Right then! Unless weather forces us to come on all the remaining days, we should be able to take the weekend off after spending some time on Friday to cover the remainder of this game. Now it is a different story if my manager asks me to do some other stuff in spite of this game not being there. Hush. Let us talk about the game. Let us be professional. Let us be sporting. Can Bangladesh fight? At least try and drag this game beyond Lunch on Day 3? Can Mahmudullah get to his 50? Can Nurul Hasan get some runs? Can the tail wag? Can Gabriel get his 5-fer? The questions will be answered when we come back at 10 am local (1400 GMT). But before that, two teams are playing a dead rubber in a tri-series - hosts Zimbabwe, in a similar state to what Bangladesh are in Tests overseas, take on Australia who are on a bit of roller coaster. Do catch that match as well. ADIOS! TAKE CARE!

Kraigg Brathwaite is having a chat with Daren Ganga. Says that he only wanted to feel the pace of the pitch. Since his bowlers had already shown the length to bowl, he was prepared in advance for what could come from Bangladesh. Admits that it was a bit tougher to play today as compared to yesterday. But says that he enjoyed his innings. On being asked about his poor conversion rate of 50s to 100s, Brathwaite agrees that it can definitely improve and he is working hard to do the same. Wants his side to come out tomorrow and wrap up the game quickly.

Given the fact that spinners took 5 wickets for Bangladesh today, they might have had their hopes up on playing the Windies seamers. The wicket seemed to be easing up with not too much of extra bounce. But that was a false hope. Their nemesis Roach, did not come to bowl at all in the second innings but Shannon Gabriel did his work - A fiery 4-fer which blew the top order away. Skipper Holder took 2 and Cummins would have got 1 as well, had he not overstepped.

The focus has been so much on Bangladesh's inept batting that we have almost forgotten that Windies batted as well in this game. They had 5 50-plus stands in the innings, raking up 406, riding on Kraigg Brathwaite's 121. This was after Kemar Roach's 5-in-12 bundled out Bangladesh for 43 on Wednesday.

12 wickets on Day 1, 14 on Day 2. Just 4 more needed to end this game. What we have witnessed on Wednesday and Thursday has reminded us of those yesteryears of the 70s and 80s when opposition used to cave in to the fast and deadly bowling from the Caribbean.

17.6 M Cummins to Hasan, A short ball, Hasan gets across and fends it to the leg side. STUMPS ON DAY 2! 62/6

17.5 M Cummins to Mahmudullah, Full and outside off, Mahmudullah is done for the day, getting to the other end with a push through the covers for a single. 62/6

17.4 M Cummins to Mahmudullah, Down the leg side, left alone this time. 61/6

17.4 M Cummins to Mahmudullah, IT IS A NO BALL! A rare blemish from the Windies in 2 dominant days of cricket. Cummins does almost everything right here - lands it slightly wider outside off and induces a slash - gets it caught brilliantly by the diving substitute Keemo Paul at point. The celebrations begin and just when we think that will be stumps, umpire Kettleborough stops everyone as he wants to check the overstepping. And yes, replays confirm that he has crossed the line. 61/6

Caught! But is that a no ball?

17.3 M Cummins to N Hasan, Nice shot. Full on middle, Nurul gets across and pushes it down the ground. It is a running race from two not-so-fast people - a slowing ball and a tired Gabriel. Eventually, the ball stops before the ropes and Gabriel gets to it from cover. Three runs taken. 60/6

17.2 M Cummins to Mahmudullah, Outside off, a touch fuller, pushed through point for a single. 57/6

17.1 M Cummins to Mahmudullah, Rash. Short and outside off, Mahmudullah slashes hard but misses due to the extra bounce. 56/6

Last over of the day then... can Bangladesh remain 6 down?

16.6 J Holder to Hasan, Defended off the front foot by the batsman presenting the full face of the bat. 56/6

16.5 J Holder to Mahmudullah, A short ball, on middle, Mahmudullah pulls it over the man at short leg for a run. 56/6

16.4 J Holder to Mahmudullah, The batsman has defended it by getting right behind the line of the delivery. 55/6

16.3 J Holder to Mahmudullah, Full and outside off, seaming away, Mahmudullah plays it with an open bat face, with soft hands and gets it on the bounce towards second slip. 55/6

16.2 J Holder to Mahmudullah, Around off, solidly defended. 55/6

16.1 Holder to N Hasan, This is outrageous batting. Clearly Bangladesh are rattled. So much so that the batsmen keep forgetting that there are not too many balls left in the day. A short ball, can be ducked under but Nurul compulsively goes for the hook. Gets a top edge which luckily for him, sails over the keeper running behind. A single taken. 55/6

15.6 M Cummins to Mahmudullah, Outside off, another play and a miss. 2 more overs to go... 54/6

15.5 M Cummins to Mahmudullah, The batsman was beaten and missed the line of the delivery. 54/6

15.4 M Cummins to N Hasan, Oh dear... goes for the pull and nearly top-edges it towards backward square leg. Just a single. 54/6

15.3 M Cummins to Hasan, Full and outside off, pushed through the covers for a brace. 53/6

15.2 M Cummins to Mahmudullah, Works it down the leg side for a single. 51/6

15.1 M Cummins to Mahmudullah, Landed outside off, kicks off brutally, Mahmudullah tries to fend it off and just about succeeds in doing so. 50/6

After warming up for an eternity, Miguel Cummins is finally here. Got 2 overs up his sleeve for tonight.

14.6 J Holder to Hasan, Almost another one! Pretty similar ball to the Mehidy dismissal. Nurul too, feels for it, is beaten by the away movement, only unlike the other Hasan, he does not edge it. 3 more overs of nightmare left for Bangladesh tonight. 50/6

Nurul Hasan comes in now.

14.5 J Holder to Hasan, OUT! Number 6 down. The night watchman's duties end even before the shift can be called a shift. On a length outside off, shaping away, nothing much a proper batsman can do, let alone a night watchman-cum-all-rounder. Mehidy feels for it and the extra bounce takes the glove behind to the keeper. Tough luck. 50/6

14.4 J Holder to Hasan, Outside off, dabbed towards third man. 50/5

14.3 J Holder to Hasan, Outside off, a play and a miss. 50/5

14.2 J Holder to Hasan, On middle and leg, straightening a touch, defended watchfully. 50/5

14.1 J Holder to Hasan, Full and outside off, pushed through the covers for a couple. 50 UP FOR BANGLADESH. 50/5

13.6 S Gabriel to Mahmudullah, The ball is way outside the off stump, easy leave for the batsman. 48/5

13.5 S Gabriel to Mahmudullah, Outside off, quietly left alone. 48/5

13.4 S Gabriel to Mahmudullah, Outside off, a play and a miss again. 48/5

13.3 S Gabriel to Mahmudullah, FOUR! Ahhh... some people never learn. Play away from the body, give a chance to the opposition. This one runs off the edge through the slip cordon to the third man fence. 48/5

13.2 S Gabriel to Mahmudullah, The batsman shows the full face of the bat and defends the ball off the back foot. 44/5

13.1 S Gabriel to Mahmudullah, Outside off, punched towards cover. 44/5

12.6 J Holder to Hasan, Outside off, let through to the keeper. 44/5

12.5 J Holder to Hasan, Defended off the front foot by the batsman presenting the full face of the bat. 44/5

12.4 J Holder to Hasan, That is a jaffa from Holder. He pitches this on a length around off and draws Mehidy forward. And then, gets the ball to move just a fraction away, past bat, pad and the off pole. Unplayable. 44/5

12.3 J Holder to Hasan, The batsman has played that off the front foot and into the ground. 44/5

'Oh no MAAN' yells Holder in frustration at Mehidy. He wants to finish this off tonight. The skipper comes charging in but Mehidy stops him halfway through. Says he is not ready but one gets the feeling that these are all tactics to try and delay the game. In this case, delay the inevitable. But no fast bowler likes to be stopped halfway in his runup.

12.2 J Holder to Hasan, Outside off, pushed away from his body towards point. 44/5

12.1 J Holder to Mahmudullah, Short and outside off, Mahmudullah cuts it through point where a fumble allows a single. 44/5

A night watchman? Ummm... yes. Mehidy Hasan.

11.6 S Gabriel to Al Hasan, OUT! Edged and another one goes. Like Roach, Gabriel is terrific against left-handers from around the wicket. The big man lands this on a length around off and Shakib gets ready to play that accordingly. But then, the ball seams away, takes the outside edge and flies straight into the hands of Jason Holder at third slip. A replica of Shakib's dismissal in the first innings to Roach. 43 all out in the first innings, 43/5 right now. 43/5

11.5 S Gabriel to Hasan, Landed on middle and off, watchfully defended. 43/4

11.4 S Gabriel to Hasan, One more delivery down the leg side, wider than the previous one, Shakib lets it go this time. 43/4

11.3 S Gabriel to Hasan, The batsman tries flicking a ball that is down the leg side. 43/4

11.2 S Gabriel to Hasan, Fuller this time, driven straight to mid off. 43/4

11.1 S Gabriel to Hasan, Short and outside off, flayed straight to point. 43/4

10.6 J Holder to Mahmudullah, Almost a replica of his first innings dismissal. On a length outside off, seaming away, Mahmudullah has a needless poke and misses. 43/4

10.5 J Holder to Mahmudullah, Defended off the back foot by the batsman. 43/4

10.4 J Holder to Mahmudullah, Full and outside off, pushed through the covers for a couple. 43/4

10.3 J Holder to Mahmudullah, Landed outside off, left alone. 41/4

10.2 J Holder to Mahmudullah, The batsman has defended it by getting right behind the line of the delivery. 41/4

10.1 J Holder to Mahmudullah, Outside off, played straight to point. 41/4

9.6 S Gabriel to Mahmudullah, Superlative keeping from Dowrich. Gabriel pitches this outside leg and it seams further away after pitching. Seems to be heading to the fine leg fence but Shane Dowrich flies to his left and manages to get a glove to it, parrying the ball towards the fielder at the boundary. Just a bye. 41/4

9.5 S Gabriel to Mahmudullah, Better. Leaves this one to the keeper. 40/4

9.4 S Gabriel to Mahmudullah, FOUR! No left alones in the dictionary of Bangladesh batsmen. With light fading and the bowling looking menacing, they feel that probably hitting out is their only way out. Full and wide outside off, Mahmudullah can leave that alone but does not want to. Reaches out and steers it behind gully to third man. 40/4

Mahmudullah is the new man in to face the music. The light is fading a bit now...

9.3 S Gabriel to Rahim, OUT! Spectacular bowling from Gabriel. Not because it has hit the bull's eye. Not because it has the sound of timber. But because of his thinking. Just scroll down a bit to see what is common in the first two balls. BOUNCE. Now, these are mind games. Rahim is perhaps half expecting that this is going to be landed somewhere in Gabriel's half and he is prepared to play that from the crease. But Shannon outsmarts him. Bowls this much fuller than the previous two lengths. Rahim is caught off guard - he thinks, ' Uh oh... I am in trouble.' Yes, mate, you are in trouble. Especially against a bloke who is bowling close to 140 kphs. Mushfiqur is late in getting his bat down to defend and the ball touches the deck, zips back in, goes through bat and KABOOM. 36/4

9.2 S Gabriel to Rahim, Around off, extra bounce again, Mushfiqur fends it towards point. 36/3

9.1 S Gabriel to Rahim, Down the leg side, steep bounce again, Rahim shoulders arms. 36/3

8.6 J Holder to Hasan, Brings a length ball back into the batsman from a length outside off. Shakib gets no room to work with and hence blocks it back to the bowler. 36/3

8.5 J Holder to Hasan, Fullish and on off, Shakib pushes it back to the bowler. Holder picks up the ball in his followthrough and mimes a throw at his counterpart. 36/3

8.4 J Holder to Al Hasan, Once again an inswinger. Shakib is early into the shot and plays it uppishly towards mid on. 36/3

8.3 J Holder to Al Hasan, Big movement this time. It cuts back in from a length around off, Shakib tries to flick but gets an inside edge onto the pads. 36/3

8.2 J Holder to Al Hasan, FOUR! A shade overpitched outside off, Shakib drills his drive through covers for a boundary. Trying to put the bowler off track - that seems to be the plan. 36/3

8.1 J Holder to Hasan, Lands it on a length just around off, Shakib defends it off his back foot to the off side. 32/3

7.6 S Gabriel to Rahim, FOUR! Both the batsmen looking to be as positive as possible. Width on offer outside off, Rahim flashes his bat through the line and it flies over the slip cordon for a boundary. 15 from the over but that won't bother the Windies. 32/3

7.5 S Gabriel to Rahim, FOUR! Nothing wrong with the delivery, it's just that Rahim played it well. A length ball just around off, shaping back in, Rahim stays back to play inside the line and does so with soft hands. It takes the outer half of the bat and runs through the gap between gully and slips for a boundary. 28/3

7.4 S Gabriel to Al Hasan, On a length outside off, Shakib plays a positive front foot drive through covers for three runs. 24/3

7.3 S Gabriel to Hasan, Play and a miss! Shakib in no mood to hang around. Short and wide outside off, Hasan flashes and misses. 21/3

7.2 S Gabriel to Al Hasan, Edged and it goes over the keeper for FOUR! Short in length and angling into the batsman, Shakib opts for the square cut but there is some extra bounce and it flies off the outside edge. Dowrich jumps but it's quite over him and races away to the fence. 21/3

7.1 S Gabriel to Al Hasan, Angles in a full length ball on off, Shakib pushes it off his front foot to covers. 17/3

6.6 J Holder to Hasan, Off the mark! Full and wide outside off, Shakib leans forward and drives it in the gap at covers for a single. 17/3

6.5 J Holder to Hasan, Defended off the front foot by the batsman presenting the full face of the bat. 16/3

Shakib Al Hasan strides in next. Now, there are two batsmen on a pair in the middle.

6.4 J Holder to Das, OUT! This was on the cards! Holder was working on a great line and finally induces an outside edge. He angles it around off and takes it away off the seam. Das is forced to play the trajectory but it nips away to kiss the outside edge. Brathwaite at first slip catches it safely and Bangladesh are in tatters, once again. 16/3

6.3 J Holder to Das, Back of a length ball outside off, shaping away, Das shoulders arms. 16/2

6.2 J Holder to Das, This is a really good line. Keeping it around off on a length and it seams away after pitching. Liton shows restrain as he lets it through. 16/2

6.1 J Holder to Das, Lands it on a length outside off, Das pushes it from the crease to point. 16/2

5.6 S Gabriel to M Rahim, Full and outside off, hit back to end the over. A hostile one by Shannon! 16/2

5.5 S Gabriel to Rahim, Beauty. This one is angled in around off and then it straightens after hitting the deck. Rahim is flat-footed as he pushes inside the line and misses. 16/2

5.4 S Gabriel to Rahim, And again. Nice workout Rahim is getting. Gabriel is bowling fire. Gets another one to nip back into the batsman with extra lift and Mushfiqur immediately takes his bottom hand off the handle as he blocks it safely. 16/2

5.3 S Gabriel to M Rahim, Once again the extra bounce hurries up Rahim. He stays back to defend it out with a loose bottom hand. It takes the inside edge and hits him on the pads. 16/2

5.2 S Gabriel to Rahim, This one is angled into the batsman, some extra bounce to trouble Rahim who fails to defend and is hit high on the pads. A stifled appeal from the Windies players but the umpire stays put. 16/2

5.1 S Gabriel to Rahim, Good length ball angling down the leg side, Rahim tries to flick but misses and it goes off his pads to the keeper. 16/2

4.6 J Holder to Das, Full and wide outside off, left alone to end the over. 16/2

4.5 J Holder to Das, In the channel outside off, Liton allows it through. 16/2

4.4 J Holder to Das, Pitches it up outside off, Das drives it through mid off for a couple of runs. 16/2

4.3 J Holder to Das, Chooses to leave the ball outside his off stump. 14/2

4.2 J Holder to Das, On a length around off, defended off the back foot. 14/2

4.1 J Holder to Das, Good length delivery outside off, Das leaves it alone. 14/2

3.6 S Gabriel to Haque, OUT! Sound of timber! Gabriel is on fire. Lets out a shortish length ball around off and gets it to skid on with the angle. It stays low as well to Mominul's bad luck as it goes through his defense to rock the off stump. This is a body blow to Bangladesh as Haque boasts a fine average batting in the second innings. The already under pressure Bangladesh are further under the cosh. Mushfiqur Rahim is walking in next. 14/2

3.5 S Gabriel to Haque, Back of a length delivery outside off, holding its line, Haque shoulders arms. 14/1

Mominul Haque is the number 3 batsman.

3.4 S Gabriel to T Iqbal, OUT! And gone. Gabriel draws first blood. He serves it on a length around off, angling away with some extra bounce. Tamim has a needless poke inside the line without much footwork and edges it behind towards gully. Shai Hope takes a good low catch. The Windies celebrate as Tamim takes a long walk back to the pavilion. Early setback for Bangladesh. 14/1

3.3 S Gabriel to T Iqbal, FOUR! Short in length and outside off, Tamim fights fire with fire and cracks his square cut past the point fielder for a boundary. 4000 Test runs for Iqbal, becoming the first Bangladesh batsman to reach this feat. 14/0

3.2 S Gabriel to Iqbal, Switches to over the wicket and bowls a peach. On and around off, a length delivery angling away, Tamim stays back to play inside the line and gets beaten. 10/0

3.2 S Gabriel to Iqbal, Wide! A wayward delivery. Way wide outside off. Tamim has nothing to do with it. 10/0

3.1 S Gabriel to Iqbal, FOUR! An edgy one. That hurried up the batsman. Gabriel arrows in a full length ball on off, Tamim tries to flick but closes the face of the bat early. It takes the leading edge and hurries across the field through point for a boundary. 9/0

2.6 J Holder to Das, Bowls it full and wide outside off, further shaping away, Das feels no need to play at it. 5/0

2.5 J Holder to Das, Good line, on a length and just around off, going straight on, Das guards his stumps and lets it through. 5/0

2.4 J Holder to Das, A length ball drifting down the leg side, Das allows it through to the keeper. 5/0

2.3 J Holder to Das, Bouncer this time around off, Liton sits underneath it. 5/0

2.2 J Holder to Das, Good length ball on off, Das nicely gets behind the line and blocks it solidly. 5/0

2.1 J Holder to Das, Edgy! Holder goes wide of the crease and bowls a shortish delivery around off, Liton plays it from the crease. Pushes inside the line and edges it down on one bounce to gully. 5/0

1.6 S Gabriel to Iqbal, Once again the line is very straight from Gabriel and Tamim easily works it through square leg for a brace. 5/0

1.5 S Gabriel to Iqbal, Nice delivery. On a length outside off, shaping away, Tamim takes his front leg forward to cover the line and shoulders arms. 3/0

1.4 S Gabriel to Iqbal, Back of a length delivery around off, angling in, Tamim is on the back leg as he defends it down. 3/0

1.3 S Gabriel to Iqbal, This one is angled into the left-hander from 'round the wicket. The line ends up being too straight and Tamim flicks it in front of square leg. The short leg fielder chases it down and they take a couple of runs. 3/0

1.2 S Gabriel to Iqbal, Runs in from 'round the wicket and serves it on a shortish length outside off, Tamim stays back and taps it down towards point. 1/0

1.1 S Gabriel to Iqbal, Shows the full face of the bat and defends the ball off the back foot. 1/0

No Kemar Roach. It's going to be Shannon Gabriel to operate from the other end. Is Roach unfit?

0.6 J Holder to Das, On middle and leg, angling down, Das fails to work it around and is hit on the thigh pad. 1/0

0.5 J Holder to Iqbal, Angling down the leg side, on a shortish length, Tamim nudges it to fine leg for a run. 1/0

0.4 J Holder to Iqbal, Gets behind the line of the delivery and defends it down. 0/0

0.3 J Holder to Iqbal, Keeps a length ball out towards covers and his partner rushes out of the crease in search of a run. Tamim sends him back immediately as the fielder misses his shy at the non-striker's end. 0/0

0.2 J Holder to Iqbal, Good length ball on middle, Iqbal blocks it from the crease to the leg side. 0/0

0.1 J Holder to Iqbal, Back of a length delivery around off, Tamim stands back inside the crease and defends it down. 0/0

First Published: July 6, 2018, 7:42 PM IST

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