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West Indies vs Pakistan, 1st Test, Day 2: As It Happened

Cricketnext Staff | Updated: April 23, 2017, 8:49 AM IST

1st Test, Sabina Park, Kingston, Jamaica 21 - 25 April, 2018

Toss won by Pakistan (decided to bowl)

Pakistan beat West Indies by 7 wickets

Man of the Match: Yasir Shah

West Indies vs Pakistan, 1st Test, Day 2: As It Happened

Mohammad Amir. (AFP Photo)


For ball-by-ball commentary, scroll down to bottom of the page.


Day 1, Round-up: Half-centuries by Roston Chase and Shane Dowrich engineered a West Indies revival in reaching 244 for seven at stumps against Pakistan on the opening day.

Coming together immediately after lunch when opener Kieran Powell became Mohammad Amir’s third wicket with the innings in tatters at 71 for five, Chase batted with confidence and fluency for a top score of 63.

Commentary (Pakistan innings)

That's it from this Test. With one whole day being washed out, we still got the result as the rain gods showed mercy over the last two days. Pakistan continue their dominance on this tour whereas West Indies are left hapless once again. Will they be able to come back stronger and level the series or will Misbah's men take an unassailable lead? Join us for the 2nd Test starting from 30th April at Bridgetown to find out what happens next. Till then, it's goodbye from us! Cheers!

MISBAH-UL-HAQ says that despite having a low target, it got tricky but adds that such things happen. Expresses joy having broken their six-match losing streak with a good victory. Reveals that the idea was to post a solid first innings score especially with the bad weather around. Says that the conditions helped on the first few days to restrict West Indies to a low score. Credits his bowlers, especially Amir and Yasir Shah for creating the win. Says that his side aren't shy to include another leg spinner if the conditions demand it but states that it could get dicey as a batsman will have to be compromised. Says that he is enjoying his last series of his international career.

YASIR SHAH (MAN OF THE MATCH) says that the focus from him was to stick to the basics of line and length. Says that he had done his training well and states that it has paid off. Accepts that he had a couple of bad series but says that those weren't conditions that were aiding the spinners. However, adds that he wants to prove himself in all conditions.

JASON HOLDER feels that they didn't have enough runs on the board. Laments the lack of partnerships which cost them. Praises Dowrich and Chase for their efforts. In the second innings, he feels that the batsmen didn't try hard enough and could have batted better. Says that it was always going to be tough to survive on the final day against Yasir Shah on a dry pitch. Credits his bowlers for trying hard and creating chances but bemoans the poor fielding efforts. Maintains that he has confidence in his young team and hopes they learn quickly.

With West Indies already under the pump and pitch starting to deteriorate, Yasir Shah breathed fire. He took full toll of the conditions and spun the web on day 4 to push the hosts further. Today, Pakistan showed that they ain't totally dependent on the leggie as their pacers wreaked havoc and wrapped it up quickly in the first session itself. Chasing a scanty 32, what was expected to be a stroll in the park, Pakistan lost three wickets and once again they required the assistance from Misbah to finish it off. Stay tuned as the presentation is coming up shortly...

Two quick wickets by Gabriel gave the hosts some hope but that wasn't meant to be as Misbah-ul-Haq stood solid like a rock. He consumed over 200 balls to tire the bowlers but in the end was left stranded on 99, only to become the first Pakistan batsman to achieve this feat. That didn't matter as his stand of 88 with Sarfraz Ahmed got them a handy lead of 121 runs. Once you get a lead in a Test, it's very rare you lose a game from there.

Pakistan go 1-0 up in the series! They completely outclassed the hosts and it was their skipper who is highly responsible for the same. After winning the toss and putting West Indies into bat, Pakistan pacers, in particular Mohammad Amir made full use of the overcast conditions and ran through the Windies line-up. Chase, Dowrich and Holder hung in by scoring their respective fifties and managed to take the score in excess of 275. Pakistan then with the bat didn't get going but the pair of Younis and Azam steadied the ship with their 131-run stand.

10.5 D Bishoo to Misbah, SIX! Yes he does! Floated ball around middle, Misbah once again sinks down and slog sweeps it over mid-wicket to finish it off in style. He's missed out on a ton in the first innings but he finishes the game this time. PAKISTAN WIN BY 7 WICKETS! 36/3

10.4 Bishoo to Misbah, SIX! Tonk! Tossed up around middle, Misbah gets down and smacks back it over the bowler's head for a biggie all the way. Can he finish it off with another biggie? 30/3

10.3 D Bishoo to Misbah, Tossed up outside off, defended off the front foot. 24/3

Misbah-ul-Haq is the next man in!

10.2 D Bishoo to Khan, OUT! LBW! The decision stands! Bishoo drifts it on middle, Younis Khan lunges forward to defend but misses as the bat sticks on the pitch and is hit on the pads. A loud appeal from Bishoo and the umpire raises his finger. Younis Khan takes the review and replays show it to be pitching in line and going on to hit the stumps. That's the end for Younis Khan and what are Pakistan doing? Need 32 and have lost 3 wickets. 24/3

Younis Khan is adjudged LBW and he takes the review straightaway. Only inside edge can save him.

10.1 D Bishoo to Khan, Tossed up delivery around off, defend off the front foot. 24/2

9.6 J Holder to Azam, Fuller on the stumps, Azam flicks it towards square leg for a single. 24/2

9.5 J Holder to Azam, Short outside off, left alone. 24/2

9.4 J Holder to Azam, Short again outside off, Azam dabs it towards gully. 24/2

9.3 J Holder to Azam, Short of a length ball on middle, defended with a straight bat. 24/2

9.2 J Holder to Azam, Outside off, left alone. 24/2

9.1 J Holder to Azam, Defended off the back foot by the batsman. 24/2

8.6 D Bishoo to Azam, Floated delivery outside off, Azam leans into it and drives it along the ground through covers. The ball doesn't have enough legs to reach the fence. They take three. 24/2

8.5 D Bishoo to Azam, The batsman has played that off the front foot and into the ground. 21/2

8.4 D Bishoo to Khan, Leg bye! Tossed up around middle, Khan gets down to sweep but the ball goes the shoulder past first slip for a leg bye. 21/2

8.3 D Bishoo to Khan, Short and around off, Khan stays back and pushes it towards covers. 20/2

8.2 D Bishoo to Khan, Takes a good stride forward and digs it into the ground. 20/2

8.1 D Bishoo to Azam, Tossed up ball around middle, Azam comes down the track and pushes it towards mid on for a single. 20/2

7.6 J Holder to Khan, Slides on the pads, clipped through mid-wicket for a couple. 19/2

7.5 J Holder to Khan, Gets forward and pushes it towards covers. 17/2

7.4 J Holder to Khan, Younis Khan walks across the stumps, covers it and lets it be. 17/2

7.3 J Holder to Khan, Fuller in length and outside off, Khan looks to defend but gets an inside edge on the pads as the ball rolls towards the leg side. 17/2

7.2 J Holder to Khan, Fuller in length outside off, it's left alone by the veteran. 17/2

7.1 J Holder to Khan, Back of a length delivery outside off, Younis Khan hops back and defends it towards point. 17/2

Jason Holder brings himself into the attack!

6.6 D Bishoo to Azam, Flighted around off, blocked off the inside half to short leg. 17/2

6.5 D Bishoo to Khan, Flatter around leg, makes room and punches it towards cover for a single. 17/2

6.4 D Bishoo to Khan, Flighted around off, YK presses forward and blocks it to the ground. 16/2

6.3 D Bishoo to Azam, Outside leg, Babar works it away on the leg side for a single. 16/2

6.2 D Bishoo to Khan, Loopy and outside leg stump, tucked to deep square leg for a single. 15/2

6.1 D Bishoo to Azam, Floated outside leg, leans across and nudges it gently towards square leg. Cameo off the pads and the batsmen take a leg bye. 14/2

Welcome back for the second session. Shouldn't be long before Pakistan seal this although it's never beyond them to create unwanted drama as has been seen with the two wickets already. Devendra Bishoo to start proceedings after lunch.

.....DAY 5, SESSION 2.....

So, the Pakistan batsmen do not opt for the extra 15 minutes and this extended session is dragged into next one. Pakistan will relish the lunch while it won't be the same for the hosts. Though they will be happy to sneak a couple of wickets but that surely won't hamper the visitors. With just 19 needed, expect Pakistan to finish it off quickly once the session starts. Join us for the formalities soon...

5.6 A Joseph to Azam, Angling in on the pads, Babar Azam tucks it towards fine leg for a single. LUNCH ON DAY 5! 13/2

5.5 A Joseph to Azam, Good length, angling in, Azam taps it towards covers. 12/2

5.4 A Joseph to Azam, Short and outside off, Azam slaps it towards the cover fielder. 12/2

5.3 A Joseph to Azam, Length ball on middle and leg, tucked through mid-wicket for a couple. 12/2

5.2 A Joseph to Azam, Shortish outside off, Azam punches it but it goes straight to cover-point. 10/2

5.1 A Joseph to Azam, On a length and outside off, Babar lets it go. 10/2

4.6 S Gabriel to Khan, Outside off, YK offers no stroke. 10/2

4.5 S Gabriel to Khan, Fuller and tailing back in sharply as Younis Khan flicks it towards the man at short mid-wicket. 10/2

4.4 S Gabriel to Khan, Fuller on the pads, clipped towards the leg side. 10/2

4.3 S Gabriel to Khan, Fuller and wide outside off, Younis Khan comes forward, lofts his bat to let it be. 10/2

4.2 S Gabriel to Khan, Fuller in length delivery outside off, Khan shoulders his arms. 10/2

4.1 S Gabriel to Khan, Back of a length delivery outside off, Khan gets across and defends it towards covers. 10/2

3.6 A Joseph to Khan, The batsman shows the full face of the bat and defends the ball off the back foot. The batsmen have run through for a single. 10/2

3.5 A Joseph to Azam, Angles in a length delivery on middle, Azam looks to defend but gets an inside edge behind square on the leg side for a single. 9/2

3.4 A Joseph to Azam, Length delivery on off, Azam defends it off the front foot. 8/2

3.3 A Joseph to Y Khan, Good length delivery on middle, Younis Khan looks to defend it but gets an inside edge towards square leg for a single to get off the mark. 8/2

3.2 A Joseph to Khan, Back of a length delivery outside off, tapped towards cover-point. 7/2

3.1 A Joseph to Ali, OUT! Dragged on! What is Pakistan doing? Joseph hurls it on a length outside off, Azhar Ali was in two minds whether to play at it or to leave it alone. He is a bit late to leave and the ball jags back in to take the inside edge and cannon on to the stumps. Both the openers are back in the hut. 7/2

2.6 S Gabriel to Azam, Brave leave! Good length, nipping back in sharply as Azam leaves it alone. The ball goes just over the off stump. 7/1

Can Babar and Ali finish this before lunch? Just 10 minutes left and 25 needed. Talk about excitement, hey?

2.5 S Gabriel to Azam, The batsman has played that off the front foot and into the ground. 7/1

2.4 S Gabriel to A Shehzad, OUT! That's the first wicket! Doles out a short of a length delivery, outside off, Shehzad looks to poke at it but gets an outside edge due to the extra bounce. It was flying quickly to the keeper's right as Dowrich dives to take that one. Excellent catch and Pakistan lose their first wicket. Babar Azam walks in next! 7/1

2.3 S Gabriel to Shehzad, Shehzad chooses to leave the ball outside his off stump. 7/0

2.2 S Gabriel to Shehzad, Fuller and a bit too straight as the batsman clips it behind square on the leg side for a couple. 7/0

2.1 S Gabriel to A Shehzad, Fuller outside off, Shehzad drives it through extra cover for a couple. 5/0

1.6 A Joseph to Ali, Short of a length delivery, angling in, Ali stands tall and defends. 3/0

1.5 A Joseph to Ali, Back of a length delivery outside off, tapped towards gully. 3/0

1.4 A Joseph to Ali, Nipping back in from a length outside off, Ali lets it go. 3/0

1.3 A Joseph to Ali, Sprays it wide outside off, Ali leaves it alone. 3/0

1.2 A Joseph to Ali, Harmless length delivery outside off, Azhar Ali shoulders his arms. 3/0

1.1 A Joseph to Ali, Short of a length delivery outside off, Azhar isn't playing at those. 3/0

Alzarri Joseph will share the new ball with Gabriel!

0.6 S Gabriel to Shehzad, Back of a length delivery outside off, it's left alone without much fuss. 3/0

0.5 S Gabriel to Shehzad, Touch fuller around off, Ahmed Shehzad cracks a drive through covers. The outfield isn't quick as the ball stops near the rope. Two taken. 3/0

0.4 S Gabriel to Shehzad, Good length delivery on off, defended off the front foot. 1/0

0.3 S Gabriel to Shehzad, Length delivery outsdie off, Shehzad looks to cut but there is a bit of away movement which is why he gets beaten. 1/0

0.2 S Gabriel to Ali, Fuller and angling in on middle, Ali works it off the inner half of the bat towards mid-wicket and calls for a single. 1/0

0.1 S Gabriel to Ali, On a length and and it lifts off the deck outside off, Ali has got nothing to offer to that one. 0/0

First Published: April 22, 2017, 7:58 PM IST

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