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What happened at the BCCI disciplinary committee meeting on Friday

"Mr Srinivasan introduced me as 'our Under-19 World Cup hero'. It felt good," Harmeet Singh told DNA.

Cricketnext Staff |September 14, 2013, 11:06 AM IST
What happened at the BCCI disciplinary committee meeting on Friday

New Delhi: BCCI disciplinary committee on Friday sealed the fate of disgraced Rajasthan Royals's players S Sreesanth, Ankeet Chavan, Siddharth Trivedi and Amit Singh - banning them for their involvement with bookies and in spot-fixing during IPL 6 earlier this year.

The findings of the probe done by Ravi Sawani - BCCI's anti-corruption unit chief - found the players guilty, based on which the disciplinary committee banned Sreesanth and Chavan for life, while handing five-year and one-year bans to Amit Singh and Trivedi, respectively.

Harmeet Singh was the fifth Rajasthan Royals's player present at the meeting on Friday; but with no evidence against him, the Mumbai spinner was found not guilty and spared. Relieved at coming out clean, Harmeet talked to DNA saying he now just wants to concentrate on playing cricket, while revealing some of the events at the disciplinary committee meeting on Friday.

"Mr N Srinivasan, Mr Arun Jaitley and Mr Niranjan Shah were present. Also there was Professor Ratnakar Shetty and Mr Ravi Sawani, and someone was taking down whatever was being spoken," Harmeet told DNA when asked who all were present.

"All of us [Rajasthan players] were sitting in a small room. One by one, we were taken into a big room where the officials were seated," he said. "First, Amit Singh went and met them. He didn't say a word after returning. My turn came soon and I walked in confidently. The officials were very nice to me. Mr Srinivasan introduced me as 'our Under-19 World Cup hero'. It felt good. I then took my seat.

"Mr Jaitley did most of the talking. He told me he knew I had done nothing wrong. The only problem they had with me was my failure to report Ajit Chandila's approach. I told them I had no idea I was taken to bookies. It's only when the Delhi Police showed me their pictures that I realised they were bookies. My hearing on Friday lasted barely 10 minutes and I didn't go back to that room. I went out of the hotel and my folks drove me home," Harmeet said.

The Mumbaikar said he wasn't surprised about coming out clean, though it came as a big relief for him. "I saw it [BCCI's decision] on the TV. Later, I heard the BCCI sent out a press release. I was relieved but not surprised. I knew I hadn't done anything wrong.

"I just want to fly back to Mumbai and start training and playing," he concluded.

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