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Why Chawla needs to tighten up to Bell

It might be a Piyush Chawla versus Ian Bell battle on Thursday.

Why Chawla needs to tighten up to Bell

New Delhi: The one battle which India might need to win if they are to square the ODI series on Thursday could be Piyush Chawla versus Ian Bell battle.

The England top order batsman has been in cracking form in this series, and while Chawla has been able to stop the likes of Kevin Pietersen from running amok, it is tackling Ian Bell which could well decide which way the battle will go.

The 18-year-old has certainly bowled a fair number of dot balls to Bell in last three matches (34 out of 78). However, it is the number of 2s and big shots, which have been spoiling the analysis of the leggie. And the very fact that Bell has been able to hit as many as four sixes in three matches off him, shows unlike Pietersen, he knows what is coming.

Bell versus Chawla

(83 runs off 78 balls)

34 Dot Balls

27 Singles

10 Twos

3 Fours

4 Sixes

If we see Bell’s Wagon-Wheel off the bowling of Chawla, it looks as if Chawla is bowling a little too full to him and Bell has been up to the task, playing him little too straight, or dispatching him effortlessly to midwicket and Cover boundaries.

The leggie has been able to find very few edges, and Bell is careful enough not to play him fine, seen from just three runs scored from third man and fine-leg areas.

Bell’s Wagon Wheel off Chawla

One Run from Thirdman and Four from Point

As many as 19 from Cover region

Long off goes for 24 and Long on 13

Mid-wicket has seen 18 runs being scored

Two each from Square leg and Fine leg

As many as 43 scored from Cover and Long-off show that Bell has been able to play Chawla with the spin quite well.

Despite getting such high praise from cricket experts in India and England for his show in ODIs, if Chawla’s economy still stands at a high of 5.84 from 26 overs in the NatWest series, it is all thanks to the superb stroke play off Bell, who has been quick to use his feet.

In the first ODI, Bell milked him for 26 runs off 23 deliveries, in the second, the rate was little slow with 27 runs from 30 deliveries, while in

third, Bell was again back to brisk business taking 30 runs off Chawla’s 25 deliveries.

With runs flowing so freely, Chawla must Bell the cat before it is too late.

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1 Australia 3028 116
2 New Zealand 2406 115
3 India 3085 114
4 England 4326 106
5 Sri Lanka 2454 91
FULL Ranking
1 England 5405 123
2 India 6102 117
3 New Zealand 3716 116
4 Australia 4344 111
5 South Africa 3345 108
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1 England 6877 275
2 Australia 6800 272
3 India 10186 268
4 Pakistan 7516 259
5 South Africa 5047 252
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