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World T20, Eng vs Afg: as it happened

World T20, Eng vs Afg: as it happened

Some excellent bowling by England followed Luke Wright's superb batting effort as the defending World Twenty20 champions bowled out Afghanistan for 80 to win by 116 runs.

Afghanistan innings:

18th over: 80 all out: Finally it’s all over. England win by 116 runs. Afghanistan are knocked out of T20 World Cup. Jade Dernbach gets rid off Gulbodin Naib, who tries to slog another one but mistimes it and gives away an easy catch to Eoin Morgan.

G Naib c Eoin Morgan b Dernbach 44(32)

17th over: 80 for 9. Finn continues and Gulbodin Naib slaps him for four over the mid-wicket region off the very first ball and then makes room off the last ball to get another boundary at the fine-leg region. This is turning out to be an entertaining innings.


16th over: 70 for 9. Graeme Swann finally breaks the frustrating stand. Shapoor Zadran the man to fall LBW after he smashed Swann for a six off the previous ball.

Zadran lbw b Swann 9(17)

15th over: 64 for 8. Gulbodin Naib is giving crowd something to cheer about. He hits two back-to-back sixes. One straight over the bowlers head and second one over the deep mid-wicket fence. Fourteen runs come from Dernbach’s second over.

14th over: 50 for 8. Lowest T20 total so far is 67 by Kenya and Afghanistan will be hoping that they at least cross that figure. Five runs come of Broad’s over that also bring up Afghanistan’s fifty.

13th over: 45 for 8. Broad turns back to pace and throws the ball to Luke Wright who gives away just one from it. Bowls wicket to wicket and gives nothing away. England are really enjoying the day in the middle.

12th over: 44 for 8. Finally some runs for Afghanistan. G Naib takes the charge as he smashes Swann for two consecutive fours and follows it with a two and a huge six off the last ball. Sixteen from the over.

11th over: 28 for 8. Patel into his third over and England bowlers are giving nothing away. Just two from the over that includes five dot balls. 2 for 6 for Patel in three.

10th over: 26 for 8. It’s a maiden! Swann gives nothing away. Two overs two maiden for Swann. His figures so far is 2-2-0-1.

9th over: 26 for 8. Afghanistan are falling like pack of cards here. England bowlers are having a field day out there. First one to go, Nabi who is clean bowled trying to go for the maximum but missed the line completely. Next to follow him is Zadra, who dances down the track and misses the ball completely and is stumped.

Nabi b Samit Patel 1(6)

D Zadran st Kieswetter b Samit Patel 0(3)

8th over: 25 for 6. Afghan woes continues! Spin from both ends as offspinner Graeme Swann comes into the attack and this is suicidal stuff by Afghan batsmen. This time Shenwari to take long walk back trying to hit maximum through reverse sweep but only manages to find Finn in the deep.

Shenwari c Finn b Swann 2(9)

7th over: 25 for 5. Samit Patel comes into the attack and just three from his first over. Keeps it simple and nice.

6th over: 22 for 5. Afghanistan are falling apart here as they lose two in an over this time. England have been just superb on the field. First one to go Sadiq who is run out thanks to an excellent work bu Buttner at at mid-wicket. Next to follow him is Stanikza, who is sensationally caught by Bairstow at fine-leg, who comes racing in from the deep, dives forward and takes an absolute blinder.

Stanikzai c Bairstow b Broad 4(11)

Sadiq run out (Buttler/Broad) 5(8)

5th over: 22 for 3. Finn into his third over and Afghanistan batsmen in the middle are trying their best to hit big shots but unfortunately for them they are mistiming it more than often. Ones and Twos won’t hurt England for sure.

4th over: 17 for 3. Caught and Bowled! Stuart Broad picks up a good catch off his own bowling to send back Mangal. Mangal tries to slap the ball straight over the bowler’s head but England skipper pulls takes a very good catch.

Mangal c and b Broad 8(9)

3rd over: 12 for 2. Finn continues and finally Afghanistan mange to pick up the first boundary of their innings. Sadiq hits the seamer for four through mid-on. Eight from the over that also includes two wides.

2nd over: 4 for 2. Another one departs! Samiullah Shenwari comes and goes. First ball duck as he gives away simple catch to Bopara at cover off the bowling of Dernbach. Tries to go over mid-wicket, completely miscues it and catching practice for England substitute fielder.

Shenwari c (sub)Bopara b Dernbach 0(1)

1st over: 2 for 1. Steve Finn opens the attack for England and sends back Mohammad Shahzad of the last ball of the over. Shahzad goes for Full Monty but completely mistimes it and gives away a simple catch to Stuart Broad at mid-off.

Mohammad Shahzad c Broad b Finn 1(5)

England innings:

20th over: 196 for 5. Wright remaing not out on 99 as England post 196 for 5 in their quota of overs. Nine runs and a wicket of Bairstow come from the last over. Afghanistan need something extraordinary from here to pull this one off.

Bairstow c Sadiq b D Zadran 12(5)

19th over: 187 for 4. What an over for England! After losing Buttler LBW off the second ball. Jonathan Bairstow hits a six off the no-ball and Luke Wright follows it up with three consecutive sixes to make it 32 from the over. Wright moves to 95. This is raining sixes here.

Buttler lbw b Dawlatzai 15(7)

18th over: 155 for 3. Absolutely rubbish fielding by Afghanistan. Dawlatzai spoons an easy chance. How on earth can anyone drop such a dolly? Adding insult to injury Buttler hits him for two fours after that missed chance. Fourteen from the over.

17th over: 141 for 3. Finally a wicket for Afghanistan. Morgan the man to go trying to hit the full toss for maximum but only manages to find Mangal at the midwicket. Although England still score ten from it.

Eoin Morgan c Mangal b Dawlatzai 27(23)

16th over: 131 for 2. It’s raining fours and sixes. Twenty two runs come from the over that includes two sixes and two fours. Eoin Morgan hits a huge six off the first ball over the deep midwicket fence for his first six and Wright hits the second one over the long off fence. Meanwhile, Wright also hits two fours on the leg side.

15th over: 109 for 2. Dawlat Zadran is back into the attack and bowls an excellent over. Gives away just three singles and a leg-bye from it.

14th over: 105 for 2. Nabi continues and bowls a pretty impressive over as he varies the pace beautifully. Wright will be key for England in the death overs as he is well settled and picking up spinners very well.

13th over: 99 for 2. Finally Luke Wright breaks the shackles. Hits Shenwari to a huge six over the long on fence and smashes the last ball of the over towards the deep midwicket fence for another boundary. Also brings up his fifty in the process.

12th over: 84 for 2. Mohammad Nabi comes back into the attack and bowls another tight over. Just five from it. Morgan and Wright are in the middle for England at the moment.

11th over: 79 for 2. Shenwari into his third over and keeps it nice and tight. Gives away five singles from the over. England batsmen not at confident against the spin so far.

10th over: 74 for 2. Run Out! Afghanistan get lucky here. Hales the man to fall. Wright pushes it straight back to the stumps at the non-striker end. The bowler, gets finger on it and the ball crashes into the stumps. Hales was backing up too far. Eoin Morgan is England’s No. 4.

Hales run out (Sadiq) 31(27)

9th over: 69 for 1. England batsmen are taking cautious approach against the spinners but still takes nine from the over thans to a boundary and couple of twos.

8th over: 60 for 1. Karim Sadiq, right-arm offspinner, comes into the attack. Another four-run over for England. Spinners holding England batsmen somewhat in last couple of overs.

7th over: 56 for 1. Samiullah Shenwari, right-arm legspinner, comes into the attack and bowls a pretty decent over. Keeps England batsmen down to just four from his first over. Hint of spin for the leggie.

6th over: 52 for 1. Rush of boundaries for England. Finally they get hold of Afghan bowlers as they pick up another fourteen from the over thanks to three boundaries. First one Wright cuts it neatly past backward point and Hales hits one straight over the bowlers head and follows it up with another straight shot between the non-striker and the umpire.

5th over: 38 for 1. Finally England batsmen cut loose. It’s Happy Hours as England pick up 23 from Shapoor’s third over. Three consecutive fours off the first three deliveries thanks to four byes and two cracking shots by Hales. Meanwhile, Wright smashes the last two balls for four and a six respectively.

4th over: 15 for 1. Zadran continues and Afghanistan pacers have been just superb so far. They are buzzing and bowling a perfect line and length. Just five from the over that includes one boundary for Wright, who pulls it over the midwicket fielder.

3rd over: 10 for 1. Afghanistan Shapoor Zadran continues and bowls a good over until the last ball which Luke Wright punches between the gap to score his first boundary of the match. Shapoor has been a revelation so far in this tournament.

2nd over: 5 for 1. Dawlat Zadran steams in from the other end and Hales gets an outside edge off the first ball that flies over the slip fielder for a four, but the bowler comes back well and keeps down England to just one from the rest of the over.

1st over: 0 for 1. Shapoor Zadran knocks over Craig Kieswetter in the first over of the match to give Afghanistan a perfect start. He is delighted and why he should not be? He clean bows Kieswetter off the last ball of the first over. It’s a wicket maiden over.

Kieswetter b Zadran 0(6)


England: Craig Kieswetter, Alex Hales, Luke Wright, Eoin Morgan, Jonathan Bairstow, Jos Buttler, Samit Patel, Stuart Broad, Graeme Swann, Steven Finn, Jade Dernbach

Afghanistan: Mohammad Shahzad, Nawroz Mangal, Karim Sadiq, Asghar Stanikzai, Mohammad Nabi, Samiullah Shenwari, Shafiqullah Shafiq, Gulbodin Naib, Izatullah Dawlatzai, Dawlat Zadran, Shapoor Zadran

7 p.m. Afghanistan win the toss and elect to bowl.

England, led by Stuart Broad, are going into the match with three seamers and two spinners.

A cool evening with clear skies in Colombo. England surely will want to bang it in and bounce the Afghanis out, not allowed them a sniff like they had against India in their opener.

Hello everybody! Ready for the second match of the Friday double-header? The defending World Twenty20 champions England kick-off their campaign against the entertaining Afghanistan.