Will Restructure Everything & Turn Things Around: New HCA Boss Azharuddin

After not being allowed to contest for the post of President of the Hyderabad Cricket Association in 2017 when his nomination papers were not accepted by the committee, former India captain Mohammad Azharuddin has solid plans in place to revamp the structure of Hyderabad cricket after becoming president with a landslide victory.

There were six apex council seats on offer which were all won by Azharuddin’s team. “There are only three things on my mind right now - cricket, cricket, cricket,” he said after becoming the president, and the statement could not be more accurate, as he outline the plans he has in place to revamp the structure of the organization.

"We will have to restructure everything and turn things around," Azharuddin told the Deccan Chronicle. "Look at the state of Gymkhana ground, it's left for the cows to graze. We need to get to the grassroots and unearth talent now.

"The members have done their job, mine starts now. I know it won't be easy but I will give my best to revive the game which has suffered a lot in the last three years. We will seek support from all the club secretaries and take the game forward. Their suggestions as well as those of cricket enthusiasts will be more than welcome."

After a life-ban was imposed on him for match-fixing, Azharuddin stayed away from cricket related matters for a number of years, before becoming a politician in 2009. Finally in 2012, a division bench of the Andhra Pradesh High Court rendered the BCCI ban for match-fixing illegal.

“I had worked very hard for close to 15 years to get into the Indian team and was very nervous when I played my first Test. Here, we worked as a team and campaigned hard and knew the result straightaway,” he added.

"There are tense moments in any election, as I know anything can happen - having contested two general elections - but I was confident I would win this one. It's a big victory though.

"I am really looking forward to BCCI meetings because I have so much to offer, having played the game for quite a while. I have represented the BCCI on teams but now to deal with the board as an administrator will be different - this should be much easier than playing."​