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Arjuna, Aravinda call for umpiring revamp

  • Updated: January 18, 2008, 12:40 PM IST

New Delhi: A week after the umpiring controversy threatened to divide the cricketing world, former Sri Lankan captains Aravinda De Silva and Arjuna Ranatunga have called for a major revamp in the umpiring system.

De Silva and Ranatunga; two of the biggest ambassadors for Sri Lankan cricket across the world. But for a change, it's not only cricket that has brought them to India this time round.

"We have been appointed as Tourism Ambassadors, Aravinda and myself. So we are trying to promote the country on not only the cultural aspect, but even the sports aspect," says the World Cup winning Sri Lankan captain.

No one understands and relates with the words "racism" and "controversy" more than Ranatunga and De Silva, especially when it involves bowlers from the sub-continent. So it's evident they feel strongly about the Harbhajan Singh-Andrew Symonds fiasco.

"Well I don't think they should have pulled out of the tour, but I certainly think that making such comments are not good on a cricket field, especially if they are racist remarks. And I think you need to control the situation," De Silva points out.

While Ranatunga feels, "It's not only the umpires, it's the technology, the way the technology is used. And the important fact is, when a top player gets out, gets a bad decision, then only the media starts crying about it. When a normal guy gets out, they don't. So when you have the technology, my theory is to use it as much as possible and try and get the correct decisions."

Clearly, the clamour for increasing the role of technology in cricket is gradually increasing by the day, and with some of the biggest names in world cricket voicing their concern, things can only get better for cricket from here.

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