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EXCLUSIVE | Education & Training Important for Cricketers: Kumble

Cricketnext Staff | February 8, 2019, 10:22 AM IST

GK: You touched upon Hardik Pandya, now this whole episode has played out, what's your view first of all just around being around Indian cricket & having being coach & all of that, this situation reached the point that it did.

AK: Yeah I mean obviously it's very disappointing to see what was spoken about & to hear what was said, I think, yes it was certainly very disappointing what happened, but I think these two players would have learnt a lesson from all the things that happened around the talk show. They have been reprimanded & I am sure they will come back stronger. So that's a positive that they will come back stronger, but I think the other major issue is about educating the players & then knowing you know what is it, what kind need some education & need some training. It's like any other profession, so cricketers also need that especially off the field & yes these players seem always are going from one match to the other & they hardly get to understand the outside world & they seem most of the time in a bubble, so it's important that they get the other perspective of the world & I think it's important that they get these kind of support in terms of educating the players & I am sure the both of them will come stronger from this experience & you know they need to be a lot more focused.

GK: You would almost imagine saying on the outside that the punishment's been served, isn't it almost? You would feel that they have missed games, they had to stay out of the squad & now there would be no other purpose in another round of inquiry that leads to another round of suspensions?

AK: No, I don't think so, I think that's been done, it's important for them to be told & like I mentioned it needs to be a proper kind of a set up you know where you are training them with professionals coming in & telling them & I think it's important that they get on with the game & refocus on what they can achieve, as individuals, as players.

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