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WATCH | Virat Kohli is Passionate About Captaincy: Shastri

Cricketnext Staff | May 14, 2019, 8:25 PM IST

Cricket expert Ayaz Memon speaks to India Head Coach Ravi Shastri as a preview to the upcoming ICC World Cup 2019.

AM: The captain and the coach have to be in sync, on the same page and yet there is a little bit of a difference. You think that works because the guy on the field takes all the decisions...

RS: Absolutely! Captain is in total control on the field. Your job with your support staff is to get them in the best frame of mind, to be able to go out there and express themselves in the best possible manner. The last thing you want to take out by being too much of a theory master is taking the enjoyment out of the game. Let the guy do what comes naturally to him. That's the most important thing. Yes, there'll be certain guidelines, certain tactical areas where if a team has talked about playing in a certain fashion, then he might have to adhere to that. But otherwise, go and enjoy yourselves.

AM: How do you see Virat's trajectory as a captain because you have been with him from the time he became captain. First in the Test series against Australia in 2014 and then of course subsequently in...

RS: He has evolved and results speak for themselves.

AM: I am asking you because there's been some criticism about the fact that in the IPL he did not have the results he should. But in Test matches you are number 1, ODIs you are number 2, you know it keeps fluctuating....

RS: Difference between a domestic league and an international. You know when you talk of Test cricket, that's the ultimate format of the game and if you see the way he is involved in the last 5 years, across all formats, you know there is still room for improvement. He knows that, he's only 30. He's got another, barring any injury, I would say 7-8 years easy. So, you are bound to mature, he is bound to evolve even further and bound to get better but you can't take away what he has done. So, when you just look at the stats out there, against who, against where, against which teams... I don't have to add anything to that.

AM: In my experience, I have seen two kinds of captains. Those who really enjoy the job and the others who actually don't enjoy the job, they look burdened all the time when they are on the field. So, you think Virat really loves this kind of responsibility?

RS: You can see the passion out there, when he is there, he is into it. You know what is does is makes the other players wanting to be on the same page.

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