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WATCH | Players Are Aware of 6-0 Record Despite What They Say: Kumble

Cricketnext Staff | June 15, 2019, 9:47 AM IST

GK: Anil, let's talk about the other aspect which is quite fascinating. 6-0 India leads Pakistan in World Cup matches and when you look at the overall record it’s quite lopsided in Pakistani's favor. You've been part of three of these matches. What's your view? Why does this happen?

AK: I'm not really sure. I don't think you can point one aspect of why this kind of a skew in favor of India in World Cups. One aspect that I can think of is, I think all of us lift our games up in a World Cup event. You tend to know exactly this is a game where you have to win if you have to be in the competition. There are times, like I mentioned '96 was a quarter final, then '99 we had to remain in the competition, '03 again they scored 270+ and then we chased it down thanks to Sachin's initial burst, he got 98 in no time. So I think it's a matter of, it's a combination of everything coming together in these events. I can't really put a finger on why we have such a fascinating record in World Cups and not necessarily in bilateral series or for that matter in Sharjah.

GK: Since you've played a lot against Pakistan and have personal experience of this as a player, do you think this is going to be used as a sledge by the fielding team when Pakistan's batsmen are out there saying 6 baar toh hara diya hai, aaj bhi harayenge (We have beaten you six times, will do so again) type of thing. Do you think India will use that number in any way in the contest?

AK: Yes, you know players are aware of what the history is no matter what you say. I guess you know it all depends on how comfortable you are with talking to your opponent and I think players use multiple ways of needling the opposition. This could be one of the things that they could use. But having said that, no matter what you do, what you speak, your game should talk for itself. You don't want to lose focus away from the skills that you need to go and execute especially in a game like Pakistan.

GK: Would you encourage that as a coach if you were there or as a player?

AK: If it comes naturally to you I would encourage that. If it doesn't I don't want somebody to just go out of his usual nature to go and just be a part of it because that might actually be detrimental to that particular player. So, if something comes naturally to some people, be natural it's another game. And it's not just about Pakistan, if it comes naturally to you, you'll also do it against England, you'll also do it against Bangladesh, you'd also do it against Sri Lanka, against any other opponent.

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