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India vs Australia | EXCLUSIVE - Bowlers Try Too Many Things Against Lower Order: Kumble

Cricketnext Staff | Updated: December 21, 2018, 5:03 PM IST

Gaurav Kalra: A couple of other things that were quite interesting in this game, got talked about a lot. Having worked with this bunch of players, why there's such a struggle to get the lower order out? We saw that in England with Sam Curran, and yet again in this game, it got unnecessarily close as India couldn't get Cummins, Starc and Lyon out. Why do you think this such a skilled bowling unit struggles in this department? You were specialist with this, you used to get the lower order out for fun.

Anil Kumble: I don't think you can call anyone a specialist. It's all about having patience and then continue to the same thing that you have done for the top order.

Gaurav Kalra: Do you think they lose patience?

Anil Kumble: I think they try too many things. As soon as you see a lower order batsman, you start to think that I have to get him out in these six balls. It doesn't happen that way. You still have to restrict them. You still have to entice them. You still have to get your fields right to make sure that he goes after you in the right way that you want him to go after rather than... You need to leave all those gaps and then play with his mind. No lower order batsman will enjoy if you have two or three guys around and then you are consistently probing one line. They will go for it at some time and even as a fast bowler, they should have that kind of patience where you need to try a bouncer and then bowl different variations, but then also try to keep it simple rather than trying to take a wicket every ball. That probably happens when you see a lower order batsman.

Gaurav Kalra: It's not like it's a one-off. It has almost become a consistent thing. Do you think they are repeating the same mistakes against the lower order in conditions that were quite different? England was quite different and so is Australia.

Anil Kumble: I think batting also has come along because of various formats. Everyone takes their batting seriously and even the lower order spends a lot of time in the nets, honing their skills. It's no more like before where the lower order doesn't use to get the opportunity to bat same as the top order. They get throw downs. They get a whole lot of stuff in terms of managing their batting capabilities. Everyone works on their batting, so it's not easy to just come in and run through the lower order anymore but that's why I am saying, you need to treat them as top order batsmen and then bowl accordingly rather than saying, oh ok, this is something that I can do now - I can try variations or I can bowl bouncers, and then bowl a wide yorker. I don't think you need to think on those lines. You just need to keep in simple, be patient. Cumulatively if you can build those maiden overs and build pressure, the opportunity of lower order getting under pressure is a lot more then the top order. It may take you some time, few overs extra but as long as you try to tighten the number the runs, then you will get your wicket.

First Published: December 13, 2018, 12:12 PM IST

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