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Military training for Team India

  • Updated: August 4, 2006, 4:04 PM IST

New Delhi: Team India is practicing hard for the up coming tri-series in Sri Lanka starting from August 14.

And the training programme that the team is undergoing is very different from what they have been through in the past.

The seven-day camp for Team India has been a departure from the usual training.

The military-like training schedule was complete with wall and pit jumping, rope bridge crossing, trekking and target shooting which was a hit with the players.

Coach Greg Chappell was away on a holiday and will join the team on Saturday.

He was also very happy with the training and said, "Well, the thinking behind the camp was to take the guys from their normal arena and to take them to areas where they had never been before."

"It was to get them to look at things with a different perspective and to work as a group in areas where they are not comfortable so that it forces them to work together and to think and plan ahead. The feed back from the players and the coaching staff have been very good. So it was an opportunity to do something different. The guys play cricket for 300 days in a year so to have them do some other activity just takes them out of their comfort zone," Chappell added.

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