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WATCH | India Should Look to Play Kuldeep & Chahal Together in World Cup: Kumble

GK: Since you're talking about bowling, India attempted a couple of formulas in these one-day games. In some games, they played both the wrist spinners together with success and in some games, they picked only one and played either a finger spinner or a spare batsman, like they played the two all-rounders in the last game for instance. What's your view on it, should these two wrist spinners play every one-day international together?

AK: It depends on the conditions. In England, you never know. You look down, you have to look up as well in terms of the conditions. There could be a possible rain moment in the World Cup where you need not play two wrist spinners.

But throughout the tour we need two wrist spinners as every batsman has been struggling against the two wrist spinners, picking them, not really sure about which way the ball's spinning. So, if the opposition doesn't have a clue, why would you want to hold back.

You'd rather expose the two wrist spinners against the opposition. But again, it depends on the conditions as well. But I think the two wrist spinners have done really well. I think the average number of wickets they've picked up is 4 to 5 in a match when they've played together.

So, that's phenomenal and that's what has given India these results over the last couple of years because they've been able to pick wickets in the middle overs and that's what has put pressure on the opposition batsmen.

GK: Do you feel from your experience that when combinations of this kind get formed, the guys bowl much better together than when they're bowling individually?

AK: Yeah, I think as a batsmen you're constantly thinking if only one bowler is bowling and you're not able to pick him, you'd rather look for those 4-5 runs per over and then attack from the other end. But if the other end is also another wrist spinner who you're unable to pick then you have to go after one of them and that's when they get wickets.

So, you'll have to at least get 10-12 overs between the two of them together. I'd rather have that than having Kuldeep's 10 overs and then Chahal's 10 overs. You'd rather have them bowl 5 overs each from one end.

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