WATCH | The Laws of Cricket Challenge, Episode 6 With Karnataka's Abhimanyu Mithun

Ever wondered how much 'cricket' cricketers know? Watch India and Karnataka pacer Abhimanyu Mithun take up the quiz on Laws of Cricket. 10 questions: 4 Easy, 3 Medium and 3 Tough. 3 lifelines.


Easy section

1. A bowler oversteps and bowls a wide in the same ball. What will the umpire call?

A: Wide
B: No ball
C: Wide and No ball

2. Seeing a batsman getting ready to play a switch hit, a right hand bowler suddenly switches from over the wicket to around the wicket in the run up. What will the umpire do?

A: Ignores it
B: Calls no ball

3. Is a bowler allowed to bowl without run up?

A: Yes
B: No

4. Can an umpire give a batsman out without an appeal by the bowling team?

A: Yes
B: No

Medium section

5. If a captain is not available for the toss, who else can represent the team?

A: Only vice-captain
B: Only the coach
C: Any member of the nominated playing 11
D: Anyone connected to the team including support staff

6. The batsman hits the ball straight. It hits the stumps, and then the umpire on the full, and is then caught by a fielder. The umpire's decision on appeal is:

A: Out
B: Not out, dead ball
C: Not out, the fielding team is warned for needless appealing.

7. A batsman is out bowled, hit wicket and caught behind in the same ball. How is his dismissal recorded?

A: Bowled
B: Hit wicket
C: Caught behind
D: All three above

Tough section

8. A few overs into a match, the umpires feel that the pitch is dangerous for play. Can they change the game to an adjacent pitch?

A: No, they have no option but to call off the game
B: Yes, they have the complete authority to shift to another pitch
C: Yes they can, if both the captains agree to the change.

9. In a tense T20 game, an umpire calls Over by mistake after just 5 balls. You are the captain of the batting side, and bring it to the attention of the umpire after two balls in the next over. The umpire realises his mistake. What does he do?

A: He adds one ball to the ongoing over.
B: He adds one ball to the last over of the innings.
C: He will ask the bowler of the previous over to bowl one ball in the middle of ongoing over.
D: Do nothing, it's too late to change.

10. The ball hits the batsman's edge and then hits a fielding team helmet behind the wicket keeper and goes to the boundary. When the ball hit the helmet, the batsmen had already ran one run. How many runs will be scored in total?

A: 4 runs (boundary)
B: 5 runs (penalty)
C: 6 runs (1 run completed + 5 penalty)
D. 10 runs (1 run completed + 4 boundary + 5 penalty)

Abhimanyu Mithun got a perfect 10! Find out your score:

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1. B (No ball)

2. B (No ball)

3. A (Yes)

4. B (No)

5. C (anyone from the 11)

6. A (out)

7. A (Bowled)

8. C (yes if captains agree)

9. D (too late to change)

10. C - 6 runs (1 run completed + 5 runs for penalty)

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PS: Laws of cricket is often a matter of interpretation by the umpires. We hope we've got them right in this quiz. If not, please let it go as a dubious/bad decision by the umpire! After all, the umpire's decision is final.

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5 Sri Lanka 2454 91
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1 England 5405 123
2 India 5819 119
3 New Zealand 3716 116
4 Australia 3941 109
5 South Africa 3345 108
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3 India 9319 266
4 Pakistan 6009 261
5 South Africa 4380 258
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