WATCH | Trust Umpires to do Their Job: Kumble

Cricketnext Staff | Updated: May 7, 2019, 5:22 PM IST

GK: Now one of the things that always happens or more than one, that we always have talking points at the end of the IPL. The one talking point in this season that has made a lot of people agitated is the no-balls situation, umpires not being able to call them. Do you think something radical needs to change for the situation?

AK: There has been a lot of debate. You know there have been missed no balls over the last 140 years. There been no-balls that were given and not given balls in the last 140 years. And there was an instance where the ICC did trial in a series where the third umpire called all no-balls. And there were only what seven instances. Throughout the series where they called a no-ball. And I am sure you would have left it to the on-field umpire, he would have perhaps called six out seven or seven out of seven. So, when something like this happens, I know probably you are referring to the RCB vs MI game but it is tough you know, there are times when the standing umpire doesn't see the no-ball. And we are talking about the last ball of the match that's why it becomes so important.  But what happens if it was the second or the third ball and he has missed it and then we aren't even looking at it.

If you look at the T20 format, when we first started the IPL in 2008, if you remember all batsman had to be sitting in the dugout. They need to run because one minute they were given to cross over and be ready to take the ball. Now we are not talking about it. Now T20 games are finishing four hours from the start of the game. And I know we need to get all the right decisions made. But then what happens to the height no-balls. Are we going to refer it to the third umpire? What happens to catches? So, every decision that umpire makes in the field. If we are going to refer, then we will be playing eight hour T20 games. So, you need to bring about the balance. And trust the people who are doing the job.

First Published: May 7, 2019, 5:22 PM IST

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