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24th February 2021
Time - 3PM (IST)
topic of discussion Digital Learning: Future-Proofing Higher Education
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About Discussion

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted life for everyone. Students, their parents and educators around the world are feeling the extraordinary ripple effect of this disruption as educational institutions were shut down and quarantine protocols activated to cope with the global pandemic.

However, as the world starts to understand the virus better, people are gearing up for life beyond the pandemic. Education systems around the world are innovating to collectively respond and provide continuity in education despite difficult times.

Students planning to go abroad for higher studies are looking for answers to the many doubts that plague them. This webinar will explore Monash University’s ability to develop and respond to the ever evolving nature of global higher education. It will include insights on the relevance and scope of international degrees, career options, industry connections, global staging programs and what it means to choose accredited courses. It will aim to articulate the value proposition of learning at Monash, what sets them apart and how this contributes to a student’s success and experience at Monash.

This virtual discussion will have experts brainstorm on how digital learning and teaching innovation are future proofing higher education for international students.

Join the Webinar on ‘Digital Learning – Future-Proofing Higher Education’ and listen in to sector experts as they share their valuable views on the education in the COVID-19 era.

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who should attend

Students, Parents, Educators, EduTech Professionals who want to understand the evolving trends, demands and offerings in education and also understand the right courses to be picked.

who should attend
Monash University

Monash University is a founding member of the Group of 8, comprising Australia's leading universities.

In 60 years, they have risen from a single campus into an education and research powerhouse, committed to the challenges of the age. Their work is making an impact all over the world, from bringing clean water to villages in Africa to creating new life-saving medicines. With four Australian campuses, one in Malaysia, and more than 100 international partners, you’ll have access to global opportunities and unmatched experiences

The quality of their teaching and exceptional facilities are just two of the many reasons they are consistently ranked in the top 100 universities in the world.

As a Monash student, you’ll also benefit from the extra choices that come with studying at Australia’s largest university. Their wide choice of courses, flexibility, graduate pathways and international study options will give you the opportunity to achieve academic success and to carve an exciting career path.

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