About "CNN-NEWS18 Indian of the Year"

The year 2006 saw the introduction of the CNN-NEWS18 Indian of the Year. The initiative recognises the Indian(s) whose contribution to the country in a calendar year has strengthened the foundation of our society and has helped build Brand India in the process. Having seen nine editions since its inception, the CNN-NEWS18 Indian of the Year has cemented its position as the biggest awards in the domain of News television and an institution of impeccable credibility.

Over the years, the Indian of the Year award recipients have included the likes of PM Narendra Modi, NGO Stop Acid Attacks, Chess Grandmaster Vishwanathan Anand, A R Rahman, Former PM Manmohan Singh, The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), Nobel Laureate Kailash Satyarthi, MC Mary Kom, Deepika Padukone, N Chandrasekaran and Arvind Kejriwal.

The winners of the CNN-NEWS18 Indian of the Year are felicitated for their contributions across categories such as:-

  • Politics:

    The individuals who have collectively redefined our political landscape and set shining standards in politics with their far-reaching vision, complemented by unmatched perseverance and spirit.

  • Sports:

    The individuals who have taken Indian sports to the next level with their sheer brilliance and extraordinary achievements. By taking on the world and emerging victorious at the most competitive global arenas, they have won our hearts unconditionally.

  • Entertainment:

    This category felicitates India’s greatest entertainers who opened up doors to an exhilarating world, taking us through alleys that lie on the other side of collective imagination. Their efforts have given us innumerable ocassions to laugh, cry and have a throughly good visual experience.

  • Business:

    These towering personalities are constantly setting a new trail through their exemplary leadership skills, their knack for charting growth stories under adverse economic conditions and their steadfast belief in ethics. With their far-reaching vision and ideas, these leaders and firebrand entrepreneurs have helped Indian business gain respect in global economic circles.

  • Public Service:

    These individuals and/or organisations are the flag bearers of change and their exemplary efforts have triggered far-reaching impact in the world. They have stood and succeeded against adversity, propagating a humanitarian point of view without caring for position, fame or money.

  • Global Indian:

    Blending the deepest of Indian sensibilities with contemporary ideas, these individuals have created a new benchmark and conquered the unthinkable. They represent the new wave of national pride and symbolise a contemporary and inclusive way of life that mirrors a new world order.

    The awards adhere to a robust selection procedure in selecting the awardees, beginning with an editorially driven nomination process overseen by the Network18 Editorial Board, that leads to the final selection of winners by a Jury comprising a select group of distinguished personalities.

    In addition to the traditional award categories of Politics, Business, Sports, Entertainment, Public Service and Global Indian, other achievers are awarded for their exceptional work under the categories – Special achievement, Outstanding Achievement and Lifetime Achievement.