Every relationship is built on trust and expectations. And if you have chosen to entrust your Savings with a bank, you've decided to place your trust in them, and expect the best being served to you. But what if your Bank has not been able to live up to your expectations?

Compare Savings Accounts Rates and find out if your bank is giving you the best or not

Oh my, you’re earning less than you deserve.

  • Your bank only offers you

    3.50%Interest p.a.
  • You lose out on

    71.43%Interest p.a.
Open 811, your Digital Savings Account
  • Up to 6% * interest p.a.
  • Zero balance account
  • Virtual Debit Card
  • Scan & Pay #
  • Free online Fund Transfers
* Terms & conditions apply. #Scan & Pay through your Kotak Mobile Banking App at select in-store outlets..