Discipline And Planning Are Most Important Factors To Learn From The Indian Army. Here’s Why

Discipline And Planning Are Most Important Factors To Learn From The Indian Army. Here’s Why

January 27, 2021, 11:25 AM IST

It’s a few weeks since 2021 began and we’re willing to bet that most of you have fallen out of your resolutions for the year already. We get it, it’s hard to maintain a new habit when there’s just so much else asking for your time. 

Fret not, just because you’ve fallen off doesn’t mean you can’t get back to your resolutions, whatever they might be – be it being more active, cooking healthy food or quitting smoking or anything else for that matter. 

Here is a foolproof way to get back on track and stay there with some of the best qualities from the Indian Army itself. The best part? You don’t need to join an Army academy to imbibe some of their best traits. Just enough willpower to follow their lifestyle based on discipline, planning and respect. Let’s see how to do that. 

Discipline – 

It’s a given that discipline is one of the most defining traits of the Indian Army. Discipline involves following certain tasks rigorously every time every day, regardless of whether you like doing it or not. Discipline aids in creating a routine like nothing else and without it, you will always be distracted by other things. Discipline will get you to do things at the right time all the time. 

You can apply discipline to almost any aspect of your life. If you’re planning to grow professionally, you need to apply discipline and be the best and most consistent performer of your team. If you plan to grow personally, you need to discipline your eating habits and the way you grow your relationships. 

Finally, make sure you follow financial discipline so that you never find yourself stuck for money during crisis – be it creating an emergency fund, planning for financial future or getting insured.

Planning – 

Following a disciplined life without knowing why you’re doing it is almost certain to lead to failure. After all, you need to know why you’re repeating a certain routine every day for you to stay motivated. 

Just as the Indian Army plans its missions to perfection and then executes them boldly, you need to plan your life goals before executing them one by one. For this, you only need to see not just how mission details are put together by the Indian army but also how they help the country in the long term. 

Take financial planning for example. Every day we face the invisible enemy of pollution and lifestyle diseases threatening us and our loved ones by extension. Hence, planning for your future financial needs is of paramount importance in your life today itself. Knowing that your loved ones will be safe in the unfortunate event of your demise is all the detail you need before executing the goal of financial planning. 

You can apply this to other aspects of your life as well. Start planning for your professional success by taking up trending courses and upskill yourself or invest in your mental health so you don’t feel burnt out like some of your colleagues, the list can go on and on. 

When discipline and planning come together, they multiply and create a force so strong that you can literally see all of your goals being achieved just the way you had envisaged them. They will also add self-respect and confidence in you to a great extent, making you even more determined to keep achieving your goals.

Don’t wait any longer and bring discipline and planning into your life – with the Indian Army as the perfect heroes to look up to.