Evergreen Lessons We Need To Learn From Our Armed Forces

Evergreen Lessons We Need To Learn From Our Armed Forces

January 27, 2021, 11:11 AM IST

The Indian Army has always inspired us to be our best. We look up to them not only to protect our nation but also for their impeccable qualities that make them stand out from everyone else. On the occasion of Republic Day, we couldn’t think of a better tribute than to learn life lessons from our real heroes. Here are seven evergreen lessons we can learn from the Indian Army. 

1 – Discipline

First and foremost comes discipline. Without discipline, our lives would be completely messed up. Who better than the Indian Army to inspire us to lead our life with discipline? Their life consists of daily discipline, right from the time they wake up and make their beds to the punctual timing of their sleep and everything in between. Discipline is one of the biggest virtues one can imbibe from the Indian Army.

2 – Bravery and Confidence (to face challenges)

It’s important to showcase confidence and bravery when its required. Standing up for the oppressed, having confidence in yourself to secure your own and your loved ones future, displaying a confident outlook at work etc. are all skills that will take you further than you can ever imagine. You need only look up to our brave jawans for inspiration when it comes to both these qualities. 

3 – Selflessness

Life is for two things – living and giving. Our jawans give up their families and civilian life in an instant when duty calls. This quality of selflessness and putting others first is something we can all learn from and emulate. 

4 - Willingness to sacrifice

Our soldiers do not think twice before laying down their lives in service of the country. No wonder they command so much love and respect for their willingness to give the ultimate sacrifice for the nation. You don’t have to go that far in your daily life but making a few necessary sacrifices at home and at work can be a great asset that will take you places. 

5 - Proper planning and strategy

No Army mission is conducted without proper planning and strategy in place. The reasons for this are obvious – no one wants to walk into a death trap. Similarly, we focus only on our daily needs and fail to strategise and plan properly for the future. This can be akin to a death trap, especially from a financial standpoint. Unless you invest in the right instruments and take adequate insurance in the form of term plans and other policies, you could be putting your and your loved ones lives in peril. Learn to plan properly and execute plans like the Indian Army does. 

6 - Respect towards all

Oftentimes, we get swayed by media stories and our friends’ reactions to certain topics that ultimately leads to us losing respect for a certain group of people. Let us never forget that the very idea of India is unity in diversity. It’s an idea that the jawans of the country fight for on our borders every day. We can definitely fight for it in our own houses and vicinity and ensure that we respect each and every person as well as treat those who can’t talk such as animals and our environment with respect too. 

7 - Determination

Don’t be the person who gives up at the slightest hint of discomfort. Instead, look up to the Indian Army and their never-give-up attitude and take lessons from them. Be determined in whatever you pursue and don’t give up until the mission is accomplished. Fight your discomforts the same way our Army fights its enemies and you will emerge victorious in the end. 

If you’re all pumped to live your life like a jawan, here’s a video to inspire you even further. 

 Keep these seven pointers in mind next time you want to achieve anything in life, just as the Indian Army achieves its goals every time by practicing these traits.