Keep Your Family Safe, Just Like The Indian Army Keeps The Nation Safe

Keep Your Family Safe, Just Like The Indian Army Keeps The Nation Safe

January 27, 2021, 11:24 AM IST

If there’s one word whose importance we’ve learnt all through 2020, it has to be safety. After all, throughout the pandemic the main buzzword was how to keep yourself and your family safe from coronavirus. 

The Indian Army, on the other hand, had more challenges and took on the responsibility of keeping our country safe from external forces with remarkable fortitude. 

Just because we’ve turned over to 2021 doesn’t mean we can let go of the habits we have had to learn last year. In fact, it’s even more critical to stay safe and keep your family safe when everyone else feels like the pandemic is at an end. Use a three-pronged strategy, inspired from the Indian Army, to ensure that you take safety as seriously as the Army takes it for the country. 

Determination – 

You need a lot of courage and determination to keep yourself and your family safe, and who better than the Indian Army to inspire you to do so? After all, their stories of determination is what makes us proud of our jawans. No matter the obstacle and no matter how difficult the target, the Indian Army has shown time and again that with determination on your side, no war is ever lost. 

Similarly, you need to emulate our jawans in your own way and be determined to set up a safety net in case anything untoward were to happen to you. Your determination to do so today can help them lead a happy life in the future. 

Willingness To Sacrifice – 

It might sound difficult to keep aside a part of your hard-earned income for future contingencies. Although these have now become no-brainers, especially with the variety of options available, it can still seem like a huge sacrifice. 

You only need to remember how valiantly our jawans fight for the country to keep it safe and think nothing of sacrificing their own lives for us. If they can give the ultimate sacrifice to defend the nation, you can surely sacrifice a little bit of your lifestyle to defend your family’s future plans. 

Cement Your Legacy – 

One of the reasons every Indian feels pride in their Army is because of the huge impact and legacy that they’ve had in the short period since our Independence. Their legacy has been cemented not just during times of war but we’ve seen how they’ve helped build the nation after natural disasters have struck the country as well. 

Similarly, you can prepare yourself and your loved ones before waiting for disaster to strike by investing in the right insurance policies that can help you tide over uncertain periods and leave your legacy intact for all the years ahead. 

It might be difficult to look at the full picture of life in today’s hectic lifestyle but with a little determination, sacrifice and perseverance, we can ensure that we and our loved ones can stay safe from unexpected challenges at all times – something that the Indian Army embodies to perfection.