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As We Gear Up to Combat COVID-19,Let’s Pledge to Fight Water Crisis With Same Urgency This World Water Day

Join initiatives like Harpic News18 Mission Paani & see all that they are doing. Logon here and ‘Take the Pledge’,and commit to this cause this World Water Day

News18.com | Updated: March 22, 2020, 2:14 PM IST
We are living in the times of crisis. While the world continues to struggle with the coronavirus pandemic, a few narratives can be seen floating around. Opinions are doing the rounds on how it came to be, what led to the global spread of COVID-19, how it could have been averted, how can it be averted, how people can take precautions and not to get infected and how to come out the other side winning. But now that ‘quarantine’ is the word of the day, we all realise how much we miss the things we took for granted.

While going out, shaking hands, hugging someone, winding down with a few friends might seem inconvenient right now, in order to fight and win against the deadly infection, this must be avoided. As we take measures like washing hands and wearing masks, it does make us ponder: why don’t we treat the other big crisis with equal urgency? Is it because we don’t think anything drastic will happen immediately. Looking at our current state, can we really afford to wait and let another crisis hit us badly and then do something about it? We are talking about the water crisis.

And why is this an important conversation right now? Because, in a way, the water crisis is linked with the pandemic we are facing right now.

Maintaining hygiene and disinfecting yourself is the top priority right now. People all over the world are talking about ‘the proper way to wash your hands’, ‘wash hands at least three times a day’, ‘wash hands for 20 seconds to the birthday song’ are a few of the advices. Well intentioned no doubt. But let’s not get carried away during one crisis and in its wake, aggravate another existing crisis.

So while staying safe and clean is important, also keep in mind the water crisis we are facing.

Want to clean up? Sure. But measure the water and don’t overdo it. Washing hands for 20 seconds? Ensure that you shut the tap, cleanse and then put the water back on to clean up. Wash your face regularly, but make sure the tap is shut while you put on the face wash.

Every year we observe World Water Day on March 22 where government bodies speak about the importance of water and its conservation. Recent times have seen the world plunge into a water crisis which makes this all the more important this time around.

We just need to remember that we are in this together. Social distancing and quarantine are today’s need, but eventually it will be fine if we all take ample care. If we mess up the water crisis even further, a water-uncertain future waits for us.

Do your bit, for yourself as well as the world. Become aware. Join initiatives like Harpic News18 Mission Paani and see all that they are doing. Log on to https://www.news18.com/mission-paani/ and ‘Take the Pledge’, and commit to this cause this World Water Day.

The present as well as the future, is in your hands. Keep them clean and stay safe!