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Award-Winning Water Conservation Projects That Can Lead the Way

Human life depends on clean water and hygiene. India is a country largely dominated by monsoon rainfall that gets collected as ground and surface water.

News18.com | Updated: September 29, 2021, 9:27 PM IST

Human life depends on clean water and hygiene. India is a country largely dominated by monsoon rainfall that gets collected as ground and surface water. Due to this, the urban and rural areas are dependent on the climate and yearly rainfall. Moreover, the incidents of weather events like floods and cyclones have increased over the years. It has led to a depletion in the quality of water and overall sanitation.

As the demand for water is set to increase in the future, it is time that the community comes together to make a concerted effort in this direction. In the recent past, several small water conservation and sanitation projects have yielded successful results and have been recognised too.

Here are a few such projects that can be replicated across the country to meet the ever-growing demand for water. These can also make the lives of citizens independent of the seasonal rainfall.

Jal Sanchay Project

This administrative initiative began in Nalanda that used to be affected by draught-like conditions. It would impact the farmers whose livelihood was dependent upon farm production.

The project followed a multi-pronged approach to offer a sustainable resolution. The focus was on building more check dams and removing silt from the irrigation channels and traditional water bodies. Lastly and more importantly, awareness was created about the need for water harvesting.

Project Sanchay utilised the common knowledge of the farmers and added modern techniques to provide a lasting solution.

100 Ponds 50 Day

Back in 1980, there were about 3000 ponds in Ernakulam. The number shrunk to 700 in 2016. It was also the year when a severe drought afflicted the district. The state was declared drought-hit the following year, which made the everyday life of citizens all the more challenging.

It was then that the project ‘100 ponds 50 days’ was announced by District Collector K. Mohammed Y. Safirulla. With unprecedented support from people, they were able to achieve this figure within 43 days. The district even went beyond to clean 163 ponds in 60 days.

Apart from agriculture, pond water can also be used for some household chores like washing clothes. It is an achievable scheme that can reap great results if implemented across the country.

Jeevika Project

Udhampur is a predominantly agrarian district where 80 per cent of people are dependent on farmers. This project aimed at conserving the discharge from perennial water bodies in a plastic pond. These ponds act as water harvesting structures. A drip irrigation system supplies the water to all the farmers, which is an efficient way of water management.

Clean water and hygiene are not only a necessity. They are also our collective responsibility. All these projects testify that where there is a will, there is a way. With awareness comes greater responsibility to preserve our environment.

Mission Paani, an initiative by News18 and Harpic India, has twin objectives of water conservation and public hygiene to ensure that citizens can live a respectful life.

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