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Basic Steps to Promote Health & Hygiene and Conserve Clean Water

It’s time to take the first steps towards building a healthier, more sanitary India by making certain facilities available to every Indian family.

News18.com | Updated: September 1, 2020, 12:00 AM IST
The task of disseminating new health and hygiene practices across the country and reformation of our water management techniques can seem a little overwhelming. Many planners might be tempted to go directly for overarching, big ticket community projects. But in reality, health and hygiene, along with water conservation, must be made a regular part of people’s lives. It has to tangibly enhance people’s experience with better health and more hygienic surroundings, which would turn these steps into a new reality, supported by individual actions. These basic steps to promote health and hygiene and water conservation would include:

Providing Working Sanitation Facilities with Proper Sewage

Our rural sanitation infrastructure needs to be more than just structures of toilets and latrines. They need to be integrated into a larger sewage system network which collects and treats the waste before it’s drained into the water.

Educating People About Better Hygiene Habits

Common hygienic practices like washing hands need to be made de-jure through extensive education and social conditioning. This simple step could help reduce incidents of diarrhoea by 35%.

Providing Every Home With Rainwater Harvesting System

Just like better safety and community support has become a prerogative of residential constructions across India, similarly rainwater harvesting could be made a compulsory facility for home certification. This will help take care of residents’ water needs, as well as replenish underground water aquifers.

Distributing Home Water Treatment Systems in Rural Areas

While potable water is yet to be piped to them, homes in the most deprived communities should immediately be given home water treatment systems, like special filters, solar disinfection mechanism or flocculation. This would allow them to still meet their water needs without risking their health.

Promoting Low Cost Water Purification Solution

A number of low cost water purification methods can be made available to large tranches of the country still bereft of clean water supply. Some of these, like chlorine tablets and plastic bottles, which can be used to expose water to sunlight, will not only make clean water available, but also make health and hygiene a habit.

These are some of the basic steps that can begin to turn the tide of poor health and hygiene in India, accompanied by more judicious use of our water resources. Once we make these features an inalienable part of Indian life, that’s when we’ll begin to truly progress towards a healthier India.

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