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Bathing Pets, Watering Plants: How to Effortlessly Save Water While Performing Simple Tasks

Implementing these tips and tricks in your day-to-day life can help you conserve water outside of your house.

News18.com | Updated: October 1, 2019, 11:34 PM IST
Do you know that by 2030, India’s water demand is projected to be twice the available supply, implying severe water scarcity for hundreds of millions of people? To say the least, there is a need for a paradigm shift in the solutions that can prove effective in dealing with the water crisis.

Here are some simple, easy-to-do and time-saving tips through which you can contribute to the water conservation process.

1) Watering your plants and trees is a great idea. But know where to water as well. Never water right at the base of a tree. Water the tree in the area that falls under its foliage because in this manner the roots of the tree will also retain water and not just the bark.

2) Planning to give your pet a bath? This time, skip the bathroom or bath tub and instead give it a wash in the lawn or on the hard concrete area of the pavement. Let the lawn of the ground soak in the water that might otherwise go down the drain. Not only will your pet enjoy its outdoor bath, the process will also help in water conservation.

3) Instead of watering your lawns during the day, particularly on sunny mornings, do so during the evenings. During daytime, a lot of the water you think is helping the lawn is, in fact, getting evaporated. Also, instead of hand-watering with a hose, set up sprinklers as they use less water.

4) When planting a sappling, make sure the soil is conducive. You can assess that by knowing how much water to put for the plants. Take any sharp object and try piercing the soil. If it goes in with some effort, the soil needs more water. If it goes in too easily, it has more than enough water. So stop watering it, and conserve water for other useful purposes.

Implementing these tips and tricks in your day-to-day life can help you conserve water outside of your house. It might not seem a lot, but one small step can make a big difference.

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