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Doing Magic, Unleashing Superpowers: Here’s How to Teach Kids to Save Water the Fun Way

Train your kids to keep a diligent ear out, to listen for any leaks and water dripping sounds.

News18.com | Updated: November 4, 2019, 5:03 PM IST
There’s been a lot of talk about water conservation, at the international as well as national level. That India is facing a water crisis is now news that needs urgent attention. While the government and the social system has deciphered that we need to come together and fix the problem, here’s a new yet very important way we can integrate into our water conservation efforts: teaching kids about the significance of water from an early age and bringing up a generation that effortlessly transitions into a lifestyle that values the precious natural resource.

Now, kids can be fickle. They might learn and imbibe some things, but they live in a world of imagination. And we aren’t asking you to change any of that, instead insisting you to become a part of it. This one is for all the parents who have kids aged between three and 10. Turn water saving into a fun and imaginative activity for them and you are likely to witness great results.

Tell your kids they are superheroes, and their superpowers are just waiting to be discovered. How? They need to hone them. And this is how they do it.

Super Hearing

Train your kids to keep a diligent ear out, to listen for any leaks and water dripping sounds. Train them to listen and catch those sounds, be it in the kitchen, bathroom or the lawn. This way, you are creating a sense of awe and responsibility in them regarding water wastage, and lauding them for their super hearing powers!

Super Speed

This works multi-folds. Train them to shower against the clock. Set a timer for them before they take a shower, or if they are young enough and you bathe them. Teach them how to take a proper shower in a stipulated time, no more and no less. And if they see a leaking faucet at home or in public, their super speed should help them shut it as soon as possible.

Super Strength

Kids find adult tasks boring. But tell them to help move the dishes and load the dishwasher because they are too heavy and need their super strength, and they will happily be a part of it. Take this opportunity to teach them about the optimum ways to use a dishwasher, and save water! This works while washing it by hand as well.

A Glass with Magical Powers

Kids need magic in their lives. How about giving them a glass that is magical? Teach them about the importance of saving water by giving them a superhero glass, and their task is to use just that glass for drinking water, and the magical powers stay only if you finish the water in the glass every time instead of throwing it away. Do this and they will never throw away the remaining water. Hydrating kids and saving water done at the same time.

Super Cleaner

Teaching them how to clean their little bikes might be a good exercise in the lessons of saving water. Use a big bucket, only one, to clean your bike or car, and get them a special smaller bucket to clean their bicycles. Ration the water yourself and teach them how super cleaners do it. This will give them a sense of accomplishment, make them water aware, and it can also be a great bonding exercise for you.

Along with fighting this crisis, we seriously need to bring up the next generation with the sense to not do what all we have done. We are fighting at present here, for a future that will be good for our kids. So why not have them join the fight, and also be prepared to sustain a future where water is accessible to one and all?
Along with these tactics to train your kids to grow up as responsible citizens, you can also lead by example. Be responsible yourself. There are various initiatives in action today that are working towards this very cause, such as the Harpic News18 Mission Paani initiative. Log on to the website and see for yourself, and get tips and details on how you can help the nation fight against the water crisis, before it’s too late!