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Essential Oils, White Vinegar and Other Cleaning Agents That Make for Great Substitutes to Water

Smart homes have already moved beyond water as a cleaning medium, with the advent of a number of more eco-friendly and effective alternatives.

News18.com | Updated: July 21, 2020, 8:16 PM IST
Often when we need to wipe a surface clean or wash off the dirt, our natural instinct is to reach for water. Little do we realise that this habitual use of water doesn’t always achieve the desired hygiene aims, while wasting water at the same time. The time has come to look beyond water as a domestic cleaning medium, because there are a number of substitutes available that most Indian homes tend to have.

Alcohol-based Sanitisers

Alcohol-based sanitisers have truly captured the spotlight during the Covid-19 pandemic. They have reinforced their antibacterial properties and ease of use. Besides, there are a surfeit of sanitiser-based products in the market now, making it easier to pick a type and quantity to suit your needs. Apart from the proven effectiveness in sanitising hands, sanitisers are also a reliable cleaning medium to wipe down surfaces.

 Essential Oils

Essential oils might be all the rage when it comes to personal care, but they have great home cleaning properties as well. They have inbuilt antifungal, antibacterial and antiseptic properties that can be put to use in the grimiest and most unhygienic corners of the house. Not only are they effective in penetrating the accumulated dirt, they leave behind a fresh, natural fragrance as well. An added advantage is that essential oils, like lemon oil and peppermint oil, can be easily prepared at home.

 White Vinegar

Another kitchen product which excels as a cleaning medium is white vinegar. It’s especially effective against mold, leaving behind no trace of it upon application. White vinegar is a great cleaning agent to deodorise closed spaces and even long neglected surfaces. In fact, a couple of drops of white vinegar also help banish the musty smell from clothes that have been in storage for too long.

 Hydrogen Peroxide

A little more exotic than the rest, Hydrogen Peroxide is a great domestic cleaning agent. Boasting of excellent disinfectant qualities, hydrogen peroxide is perfect for intense cleaning operations like unblocking clogged drains. At the same time, it’s gentle and easy enough to be used around perishables in the refrigerator and around your kitchen counters as well. This medium can also be a substitute for bleach, and can be used to whiten clothes in an instant.

These are some of the more commonly used substitute cleaning mediums, although it only takes an enterprising home expert to tinker and create a variant of their own. The key when picking, or creating, an alternate cleaning medium to replace water is considering the innate properties of the product used and its versatility. They will help you live a more hygienic life, without wasting any water. This is the objective of Harpic News 18 Mission Paani, a multi-disciplinary movement dedicated to help save water and conserve our water resources. You can check out their eco-friendly initiatives and join the effort for a better tomorrow.