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From ‘Water Gandhi’ to Pune’s ‘Drum’ Plan, Stories That Will Inspire You to Take up Water Crisis Battle

Take a look for yourself and see what these people have achieved, and maybe we can replicate them in our lives for similar results.

News18.com | Updated: November 5, 2019, 1:30 PM IST
Faced with a severe water crisis, India is in the dire need of steps to rectify the course. We must motivate ourselves and start chalk out plans to counter the looming crisis; and that is exactly what some inspirational people are doing right now. They have started working towards water conservation and their efforts have started showing results. What’s stopping all of us from following their lead? Take a look for yourself and see what these people have achieved, and maybe we can replicate them in our lives for similar results.

‘Drum Rolls’ for this Pune Strategy

School children in various educational institutes in Pune have started adopting water conservation tactics based on a plan initiated by two well-intentioned entrepreneurs, Vedant Goel and Yusuf Soni. Around 7,000 school children are a part of this project and are helped by their teachers. All they do is save the leftover water from their bottles at the end of the day into huge drums that are kept at schools’ exit points. The collected water is used to clean the school premises and for watering plants and trees.

Women With a Strong Will and Effective Ways

Rural areas are usually the worst affected by water crisis and it is women who usually have to walk for miles with pots on their heads to get clean drinking water for their families. This traditional practice irked a few women in the backwaters of Kerala, who vowed to change their state. These 20 women got together and toiled for a full year to dig around 100 borewells in their village so the village won’t need to depend on any other sources for water. A similar story of guts and determination took place in Khandwa, Madhya Pradesh; where women got together and dug a well in 40 days to become self-sustainable. If this isn’t inspirational, what is?

‘Water-Gandhi’ of India

Ayyappa Masagi from Karnataka currently holds a mention in the Limca Book of World Records for singlehandedly creating over 60 lakes across rural areas in India. His childhood was full of him and his family struggling to access pure drinking water. As he grew up, he put his mechanical engineering experience to use to remedy the water crisis in such areas. He strives to better himself and studies non-agricultural methods to counter the water crisis. He is fondly called the ‘Water-Gandhi’ of India.

There are many more stories that will inspire to do something of your own in order to conserve water. We urge you to begin by registering yourself with Harpic-News18 Mission Paani, a platform that is going all out to create awareness around water conservation, and has the support of many political figures and celebrities as well. You can click here to login and register. Go ahead and start making a difference!