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Greywater Recycling: A Small Effort that Helps Combat Water Crisis on Community Level

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News18.com | Updated: September 25, 2019, 4:16 PM IST
What if we told you that you could put a hard stop to wasting water at your house this very moment? You’d say, ‘Sure, give me the solution!’. In that case, we have two words for you: Greywater Recycling.

For the uninitiated, here’s what it means. The water used for chores without fecal contamination — be it for brushing teeth, washing face, taking a shower or washing vegetables — all of that water is called greywater. The point of origin is usually bathrooms, washing machines, kitchen sinks and tubs. Any water that is dirty (this does not include any sort of water that has come in contact with faeces), needs a system that can make an entire community water secure in no time.

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The best part about this system is that there is no need to arrange for a purification process. The water can be used as is, with dirt, oils, hair or whatever products you have used to cleanse yourself or your clothes. The one thing that needs to be done by you and your community is, create a system where this water is stored safely and can be later used for irrigation purposes.

Now irrigation might sound too heavy a word, but here’s the thing: it doesn’t necessarily have to mean growing vegetables and fruits in your society or community. While that is always an option, greywater recycling can be done to water plants, or water an entire communal lawn, even the parks in your colony. If each one of the society members agrees upon it, all you need to do is consult an expert and create a direct outlet that can water plants, trees and the lawn in the society.

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In case of a simple idea that can work on an individual basis, each of the houses can arrange for drums that directly store the used greywater from their usage, and connect the drum to the nearest point of usage; be it a tree, the common lawn or plants.

However, this system comes with certain caveats. Greywater shouldn’t be stored for more than 24 hours. While it contains nutrients for plants, after 24 hours they disintegrate and can cause a foul stench. Also ensure minimum contact with water and use it only for the ground and not any other purpose.

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In this manner, this becomes your own little backyard and communal water conservation system. Granted, this might sound tedious to arrange for, but isn’t that what communities are for? People who stay together need to come together for a greater cause. And water conservation is as great a cause there can be, in the current situation. So let’s do all that we can and beat this water crisis!

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