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How a Look Back at Freedom Struggle Can Inspire Us to Save Water, Create Healthier India

Our freedom fighters continue to inspire and hold lessons for new age patriots who are working to bring health and hygiene and helping to save our clean water sources.

News18.com | Updated: August 31, 2020, 11:55 PM IST
Every year on Independence Day, we invariably look back with ardour and respect at the deeds of great men and women who won us our freedom. We marvel at their courage and gumption and draw inspiration from their relentless persistence. The timelessness of the human values they displayed means these stories never cease to be relevant. That spirit of collective sacrifice and national awakening is especially needed today, as we work to create a healthier and more hygienic country, which seeks to conserve its precious water resources. And our new national mission can learn a few tips for success from that hallowed struggle.

Public Awareness
The Independence movement drew its strength from the dedication and commitment of ordinary citizens. They answered the call of their leaders, they never flinched in the face of insurmountable odds, and they always put country above self. As we embark on a new future of health and hygiene, we need that same commitment to ensure our public spaces are sanitised, to ensure our children are well fed, and to ensure our water remains safe and plentiful.

A Mass Movement
Apart from the individual acts of civil disobedience, our freedom fighters excelled at coalescing around a single idea and creating mass movements, which shook up the authorities. A similar burst of collective effort is required to ensure health and hygiene permeates every corner of the country and water conservation becomes a public priority. We’ve already seen it in Samaritans who have stepped up to aid in sanitation efforts and with publicly funded water conservation projects.

A Vision for Future
The brave men and women of the freedom struggle weren’t just fighting the British rule. They were struggling to realise their vision of India, which all its people could be proud of. Similarly, the movement to instill health and hygiene must go beyond short term goals of securing people against prevalent diseases, and work to create a new paradigm where sanitary living habits are the norm. A vision for the future will also help us appraise our efforts to conserve water, by setting pre-defined targets.

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