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How India’s Founding Principles Pave Way for Saving Water, Promoting Health & Hygiene

When it comes to securing our water resources and the health of our nation, all the guidance and motivation can be found in the enlightened principles our country is built on.

News18.com | Updated: August 31, 2020, 11:58 PM IST
As India moves into the 74th year of its existence, it’s important to look back at how far we’ve come and the road ahead. We’ve been following directions laid out long ago, by the framers of our Constitution, who envisioned a republic that guaranteed all its citizens justice, equality, liberty and fraternity. All our future endeavours must be focused on bringing these basic freedoms to fruition, especially when it comes to provision of health and sanitation for all our compatriots and a collective resolve to conserve our water resources. For there is no better way for us to truly honour our founding principles.

The concept of justice, as framed by our forefathers, wasn’t just a retributive act, but a guiding principle in how we met the legitimate needs of all sections of the population. Thus, the disparity in health and hygiene provisions among the different sections falls foul of this commitment, as does the polluting of our water sources, which disproportionately affects certain groups, like farmers and rural inhabitants.

With the promise of equality, our forefathers tried to instil a sense of possibility in our young nation, giving each of its sons and daughters a chance to shine, irrespective of their caste, creed or culture. But this promise rings hollow, when we consider the many who are still stuck in vicious cycles of poverty, caused by poor health and hygiene and lack of access to clean water sources.

The value of liberty doesn’t just raise the status of the individual, but also empowers them to voice and act on their concerns. Lately, we have seen the purest expressions of this will to make a change, as health and sanitation activists have reached out to those on the margins of our society, and as water conservation increasingly becomes a mass movement of enlightened citizens.

Our efforts to promote health and hygiene are rooted in our abiding concern for our countrymen and women, the truest celebration of our fraternal bonds. In the fight to create a healthy and water-secure country, our rights and responsibilities might be different, depending on each one’s subjective capabilities. But our motivations and the underlying love for each other remain the same, cutting across divides of states, languages and people.
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