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If you won’t think about the world, think about yourself for a second


News18.com | Updated: June 4, 2020, 9:05 PM IST
We are living in a world where we are all isolated for the time being, and community has never been more important. The feeling of being a part of something bigger, with everyone included, is something that human beings thrive on. But of you are one of those who are okay with something being a crisis as long as it doesn’t affect you, we have news for you. If you don’t act now, the crisis will be in your home sooner than you expect.

We get it. The water crisis hasn’t affected you since every time you open the tap, water gushes out. What if one day you wake up, and it doesn’t? There is no water. Apart from the hundreds of repercussions it might have across the world, let’s not talk about those effects. Let’s talk about how it would affect your personally, and how your body would react to a world without water.

The mental strain and repercussions aside, no water literally has life ending consequences, biologically speaking. It’s not something you’d hear for the first time, but here’s what would happen to your body, starting from the point of no water.

It will begin with a dry mouth, slowly leading to dehydration. Without water, the body stops creating sweat, which is an important part of keeping the body temperature in check. With no sweat being produced, the temperature within the body would rise, which leads to a dangerous amount of pressure on the blood in the body.

This could lead to a drop in blood volume, thus low blood pressure, which could lead to shutting down of cognitive functions, meaning loss of consciousness.

The digestive system would shut down. Without water, the kidneys wont be able to flush out the toxins built up, which leads to a toxic build-up, leading to kidney failure, thus leading to a domino effect of other organs shutting down. Ultimately, leading to death.

This is within 3-4 days of having no access to water at all. In prime health and great shape, this might extend to at max 4-6 days but no human being is going to be able to survive without water for more than that.

So it’s tine you start taking certain things seriously, and stop taking certain things for granted. Take a look at the Harpic News18 Mission Paani and join the initiative to become a Water Warrior. You can do it now and help make a difference because right now we still have water left to fight for. Soon, there might not be.