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Manual Scavenger Sayyad Irfan gets job at Taj Hotel, thanks to HWTC

Sayyad Irfan, a 25-year-old manual scavenger from Aurangabad, had to drop out of school to help his family.

News18.com | Updated: February 11, 2022, 12:53 PM IST

Sayyad Irfan, a 25-year-old manual scavenger from Aurangabad, had to drop out of school to help his family. He also joined other members of the family for cleaning work. He was dependent on local contractors for work and at times he won’t get any work. A day without work means there would be no food for his family that day.

“Mine was a family of scavengers. Years ago, I had to drop out of school to help them financially. We were all dependent on the contractor for work, having to stand in lines, for hours, just to get assigned a job for the day. Some days, there’d be no work and that day, there would be no food for any of us,” he says.

Sayyad got to know about the training programme of the Harpic World Toilet College, Aurangabad for the sanitation workers from his friend. He enrolled there and got trained in housekeeping and cleaning using new machines. He also worked on his communication skills and grooming at the college.

After his training Sayyad got a job at AIMS hospital in Aurangabad. However, it was Sayyad’s dream to work at the Taj Hotel, where he is now a senior housekeeping operator.

“All I really wanted was a job at Hotel Taj. I worked so hard that within three months, I was promoted to the position of a senior operator. Now, I want to be a manager,” he beams, pride and ambition shining through his eyes.

The first toilet college was established in India in Maharashtra’s Aurangabad by Reckitt, the British health and hygiene products giant, in association with World Toilet College, Singapore and Jagaran Pehel. The Harpic World Toilet College started operating from August 2018 and in its first year trained 3200 sanitation workers. All of them got placement in different organisations.

The Harpic World Toilet College has been training the sanitation workers enabling them to find sustainable jobs. ‘101 Stories of Inspiration’, a coffee table book, contains many stories of transformation of sanitation workers like Sayyad. The book was unveiled at the Mission Paani World Toilet Day event on November 19, 2021.

Mission Paani, an initiative of News 18-Harpic India, is a campaign on water, sanitation and hygiene for all.

Join the Mission Paani movement.

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