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Mission Paani: A Model SDG17 Activation that is Addressing India's Water Crisis

Mission Paani’s presence at WEF, Davos 2020 is bound to have a lot of effect on the campaign going on in India.

News18.com | Updated: January 28, 2020, 1:42 PM IST
“Together, we stand.”

While this is an old saying, it has stood the test of time. It also continues to be the foundation for us humans, when we need to find solutions for issues that humanity faces, no matter how big or small the level is. This is why the SDGs put into place by the Un are of the utmost importance to the world right now.

What are SDGs you ask? While there are parameters and reasons as to setting the goals and providing them a sequence and framework, the 17 Goals are where we can begin to look and search for ways to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all. The goals are addressed on global levels, by global leaders coming together. While the goals all play into each other, the one binding factor is this: the participating nations are in a covenant and in a partnership f sorts to aim and achieve all goals by 2030.

And here is where Mission Paani and the WEF come into play.

India’s representation of a national level campaign at a global level, Mission Paani has managed to work its way into the list of one of the most high-profile campaigns for a social cause that the nation has ever seen. Network18 in collaboration with Reckitt Benckiser, the world’s leading Hygiene Home Products company showcasing its top brand Harpic, managed to grab eyeballs at the 50th anniversary annual meet of the World Economic Forum at Davos, 2020; as it led conversations around the global water crisis, water conservation, management, sanitation and much more. Along with leading riveting panels, CNBC TV18 Managing Editor Shereen Bhan also conducted a lot of powerful one-on-one interviews with the who’s who of the forum, all centered around the mission of Mission Paani.

One of the highlights for Mission Paani was the wall-exhibition that graced the SDG17 Lounge at Davos. It showcased how the campaign has designed its communications and highlighted the strategies undertaken to create awareness around the issue on such a large scale. The SDG 6 revolves around clean water and sanitation for all, and Mission Paani along with its exhibit as well as the panel discussions ensured that the conversations around the global water crisis received massive attention.

Mission Paani’s presence at WEF, Davos 2020 is bound to have a lot of effect on the campaign going on in India. Hopefully, the ramifications help ramp up the fight against the crisis we all face. You can join the fight, by logging on to https://www.news18.com/mission-paani/ and doing your bit.