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Mission Paani Waterthon: The Future is Scary if We Don't Do Anything Now, Says Neha Dhupia

At Mission Paani Waterthon, Neha Dhupia said she is worried about the world she is leaving behind for her daughter Mehr.

News18.com | Updated: January 26, 2021, 5:00 PM IST
Actress Neha Dhupia is known for being vocal about several social issues, climate change is among them. Speaking at Mission Paani's Waterthon, a Network 18 initiative, the actress said that she is worried about the world that she is leaving behind for her daughter.

"When you said this is the first ever Waterthon, what alarmed me is, what took us so long? It is a depleting resource and matter of concern. We are the generation that’s still aspiring to do so much in life. But the generation that is yet to come, or at least with my daughter Mehr, when she grows up, they will be fighting for natural resources. We worry so much about their education and well-being, why aren’t we leaving a better environment, a better world for our children? I do as much as I can to educate people around me in small ways every day," she said.

Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar, brand ambassador for Mission Paani, is hosting the Waterthon this year. Talking about how celebrities make a difference, Neha said, “Akshay Kumar has been associated with so many causes, his voice is amplified in so many different ways. Everybody wants to follow what he says. If you have a voice, you should know how to use it."

"We don’t need to gather a crowd to start a revolution, we can start individually. If we do not have water supply in our buildings for a few hours, it becomes a scary situation. But a large population of our country faces this crisis every day, walk for miles to go and get water. The future is very scary if we don't do anything right now," she added.

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