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Saving Water Begins at Home: Tips and Tricks to Conserve Precious Resource

The future is in our hands. We need to account for ourselves if we want to leave a better world for the future generation.

News18.com | Updated: September 24, 2019, 4:34 PM IST
If we take a look at how we deal with a problem, one thing becomes clear over time; to solve any issue or crisis, we need to go back to the root cause of how it began and where it began. Be it a huge calamity or a small dilemma, in hindsight we always see how we could have averted it. We need to do the same for the current water crisis that India is facing.

If each citizen, each individual ensured that they would start at their own homes, we could see a monumental change in no time. After all, charity does begin at home. So let’s take a look at how each one of us can contribute towards curbing the water shortage in the country.

Below are a few tips that can help us all take a better look at what we are doing wrong at our own homes, and start taking care of the same.

Repair Dripping Faucets:


This is the biggest and the most ignored source of water wastage. It doesn’t amount to much at a glance so we let it go, but over time this wastes the most amount of water. Be it in the bathroom, kitchen, or your garden pipes; if you see a little leakage or dripping water, seal it. There is absolutely no two ways about it.

Low Flow is Good Flow:


You could be washing your face, brushing teeth, rinsing a plate one more time before using it even though it has been washed earlier; there are multiple ‘small uses’ of the water tap that occur during a day. If you are doing the above, remember to not open the tap fully. 10 seconds of a full flowing tap can be around a litre of water just down the drain. Keep it on low flow and ensure you shut it off if you aren’t using it.

Use Washing Machines Judiciously:

washing machine

It doesn’t matter if you are living alone or with a huge family, make sure you load the washing machine for laundry only when it is fully loaded. The machine uses a lot of water, whether it is for 10 pieces of clothes or 25; try and get more cleaning done in one go. It could help save a lot of water.

Limit Shower Time:


The best way to save water while showering is to use a bucket, instead of an overhead shower. You can keep a tab of how much water is being used. But if that is too much to ask, keep a tab on the amount of time you spend under the shower. Shut it off while applying soap or shampoos. A good trick? Time a song and play it or hum it while showering; this way you will stay aware of how long the shower is taking.

Recycling is always a good option:


There are multiple sources of recycling when at your home. The water you use for washing off vegetables can be used to water your plants. The cold water that gets wasted while you wait for it to get heated in the bathroom, could be used to wash your utensils or water your plants as well. Rainwater harvesting is another option that would help save a lot of water.

Install Devices and Use Products that Save Water:


Start being smart about the devices and products you use at your home. Install flushes that come with low flow settings. Install nets on the taps in your kitchen basin, that curtail the amount of water coming out of it.

The future is in our hands. We need to account for ourselves if we want to leave a better world for the future generation. A world without water doesn’t seem like a good idea, does it? The time to act is now, so let’s buckle up and get going! Log onto www.news18.com/mission-paani and pledge your support towards water conservation today!