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Water Crisis Among Top 5 Most Damaging Global Risks

The water crisis isn’t just scarce water or polluted water, although they are certainly the primary concerns.

News18.com | Updated: November 30, 2019, 4:57 PM IST
Here’s to the naysayers, skeptics and the ones who deny the existence of a water crisis. The Global Risks Report by the World Economic Forum has not only listed water crisis as a top global risk, but revealed something even more disastrous. If the existing water crisis is not dealt with immediately, it will not only affect us all as a singular threat, but also lead to a domino effect with drastic changes in the world, both societal and environmental.

Imagine a day in your house without water and you will know the gravity of the threat. For people in several rural areas, this threat is a reality they have lived with for a long time, walking for miles every day to reach a water source. And now the urban areas are facing similar problems.

But classifying them into merely two subsections might be diluting the effect and impact of the severity. There are three types of water issues: Not enough water, water that is classified as inconsumable and too much water (for example, Mumbai Floods that bring city to a standstill almost every year). Flash floods are also increasing at an alarming rate and it is drastic because water crisis also results in systemic changes in the climate, degrades the environment and leads to increase in natural disasters and extreme weather events.

The problem also leads to societal and infrastructural repercussions. The chaos in your house due to lack of water is multiplied by all the houses in your community, your society, your city and your state. Imagine the societal instability, the mental fatigue and the resultant outburst.

Let’s wake up and become responsible from this very moment. Let’s Join initiatives like Harpic News18 Mission Paani and spread awareness about this national and global crisis. That is the least we can do.