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We shouldn’t be needing reasons to save and respect water

But in case anyone asks, here are some.

News18.com | Updated: March 31, 2020, 6:19 PM IST
But in case anyone asks, here are some.

After all our struggles with the water crisis and after all that has been told and done to fix the problem, the one question no one should be asking is, ‘why save water’? By this time, it should be common sense, since we practically and literally can’t live without water. But if that gets too derivative for some, here are a few logical reasons for why we need to conserve water.

To Save us from Floods
Seems ironic, isn’t it? Believe it or not, it is true. In case there is news of heavy rains and a dread of flooding, the lesser the water uses the better. Less water used is less pressure on the sewer systems in the city. As heavy rains lash, the water, instead of accumulating and flooding area, will have enough space to get washed down in the sewer system, thus saving all from a potential flood like scenario.

To Help Environment
The more the water usage, the more is energy required to pump thousands of liters of water to homes, communities and places. The lesser the water usage, the lesser energy used and dissipated into the environment through the power plants, which automatically has a great effect on the environment.

 To Avoid Political Ramifications
To understand the importance of water, we need to know what the society will turn into if we don’t have it. Costs will rise, food supplies will diminish, people will lose jobs and states could succumb to chaos if the government fails to provide an essential, life-giving element to its citizens.

To Survive
Last but not the least, plain and simple biology. Our bodies would stop functioning normally within two to three days of no water and by the seventh day, it would give up. Access to clean drinking water is literally a matter of life and death. If each one of us starts conserving water keeping the bigger picture in mind, the world could be a better place and the future could be water certain.

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