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What Does it Take to be a Water Warrior?

Log on to Mission Paani and take the pledge to become a Water Warrior right now!

News18.com | Updated: March 31, 2020, 6:41 PM IST
Some are born great and some have greatness thrust upon them. Isn’t that what they say? What do you then feel, of the people who weren’t born great, do not have any sort of greatness thrust upon them, but who have integrity and a conscience that pushes them to do the right thing every time? The ones who look beyond themselves and immerse themselves in causes which are of greater importance? The ones who fight for the urgent issues the world is facing, so that the world can live in peace and have a better future?

You can do that too. You can be someone who works for a cause bigger than themselves. We have just the right one for you. The good news is, you can start right now, sitting in your homes. You can become a Water Warrior the moment you decide you want to be.

As has been reported, proved and is being desperately worked upon by many people and organisations along with the government, India is going through a water crisis. Groundwater is depleting, rains are erratic, millions of Indians don’t have access to clean drinking water, and the future seems to be getting bleaker if we let things go the way they are right now.

What we can do right now, is support the Harpic News18 Mission Paani initiative. Log in here to see what sort of work is being done by various people, celebrities, influencers and distinguished politicians to make people aware about the growing water crisis, and initiating people into working towards fighting it in their own small ways.

You can sit at home and start by being cognizant of how much water is wasted in everyday routine activities such as brushing teeth, washing hands, taking long showers, flushing, washing utensils and doing laundry. Start by being conscious every time you see a tap running, and think of how to minimize the amount of water being used. Along with that, spread the word and try ensure everyone you know follows the same protocols.

Log on here and take the pledge to become a Water Warrior right now! It’s the need of the hour, and the issue can use all hands on deck!