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Actress Amulya’s Husband Shares Adorable Photos Of Their Twins

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Last Updated: April 01, 2023, 20:01 IST

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Amulya’s children Atharv and Aadhav were dressed as Lord Rama.

Amulya’s children Atharv and Aadhav were dressed as Lord Rama.

Amulya’s husband Jagdish Chandra shared the pictures on Ram Navami.

Kannada actress Amulya and her husband Jagdish R Chandra were blessed with twins in March 2022. She is enjoying one of the happiest phases of her life. She keeps sharing glimpses of her children Atharv and Aadhav on Instagram. On March 30, Jagdish shared their kids’ pictures, dressed in the attire of Lord Shri Rama. It was shared on the occasion of Ram Navami. A set of bows and arrows were also seen beside their children. Separate pictures of both children with a bow and arrow have also been shared. Jagdish informed users that this photo was captured when Atharv and Aadhav turned two months old.

Users were extremely happy to see these adorable clicks. One of them appreciated Jagdish and Amulya for upholding the values of our country. Another commented that Atharv and Aadhav closely resemble Luv and Kush, Lord Ram and Sita’s children.

Amulya had shared another set of Atharv and Aadhav’s pics on March 8, their birthday. The uploads provided a view of all the fun Amulya and Jagdish had while celebrating the birthday of their children. ‘Events by Akhila’, an event management firm managed by Akhila Ranganath, was happy to organise the birthday. The firm described that they had an amazing experience organising the birthday party for Atharv and Aadhav. They commented in the photo, saying that the couple are really sweet, good hearted and humble souls to be around.

Fans reacted with heart emojis and wished happiness for the couple. One fan was happy for Amulya wrote that only a mother can feel the happiness of being blessed with children in life.

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Fans are delighted with the happy moments in Amulya’s life. Many also wished that she could make a comeback to the film industry. It seems unlikely that Amulya would do that soon, since there are no updates about her acting projects for a long time now. She was last seen in a cameo in the 2017 film Mugulu Nage.

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first published:April 01, 2023, 18:54 IST
last updated:April 01, 2023, 20:01 IST