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Happy Birthday Suga: The Most Unexpected 'Yoongi, Marry Me' Moments Of All Time

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Last Updated: March 09, 2023, 11:29 IST


On BTS member Min Yoongi's birthday, here's looking at all the bizarre 'Yoongi Marry Me' moments.

On BTS member Min Yoongi's birthday, here's looking at all the bizarre 'Yoongi Marry Me' moments.

Ever since 'Yoongi Marry Me' trend has caught on, BTS member Suga has been flooded with marriage proposals in the most bizarre situations.

It is time to celebrate the birthday of none other than Suga, the rap superstar, and member of the iconic K-Pop boy band BTS. The celebration calls for a moment to take a trip down memory lane to reminisce some of the most unexpected and hilarious moments when fans dropped the hilarious ‘Yoongi Marry Me’ proposal. From fans proposing to him during the VIP premiere to the BigHit staff hopping onto the trend, the BTS ARMY never fails to surprise with their love and dedication for Suga. As fans celebrate Suga's special day, let's take a moment to appreciate his amazing talent and the devoted fans who have made him feel loved throughout the years.

Taehyung Knows The Trend: Even his fellow bandmate Kim Taehyung aka V knows that marriage proposals to Yoongi are nonstop. In the 2022 Chuseok Live, when the BTS members were looking through the comments and found several marriage proposals, the vocalist clarified that “But Yoongi marry me is like the main.” Turns out V knows all about the trend after all.

Marriage Proposals When Suga Is Absent: For members of the ARMY, it does not matter whether Suga is around or not. As long as they see one of his fellow members, they are going to make it known that the “Yoongi marry me” trend is far from over. During a V Live by BTS stars Jung Hoseok, Park Jimin, and Taehyung, two things were constant: Non stop laughter and marriage proposals for Suga.


BTS Staff Is In On It Too: As fans geared up to celebrate Yoongi’s 29th birthday last year, the BigHit staff also shared their birthday wishes for the rapper. While on the surface it looks like a normal tweet with the music label showering their love on the global icon, the real treasure is hidden in the hashtags. One of the hashtags the staff used for the tweet was “Yoongi will you marry me”. Needless to say, it was the last thing fans could have expected.

Bring The Documents: This was one of the most iconic moments of the entire trend. In the early years when this was gaining traction, a brave ARMY decided to propose Yoongi on VLive. While most artists might have given a savage response or evaded the question altogether that was not the rapper’s style. In fact, the BTS star went on to give a cheeky smile before he replied, “Bring the documents.” That’s how you collectively make the entire fandom lose their mind.

VIP Premiere Proposal: Suga recently stepped out for the VIP premiere of Lee Sung Min starrer Devil's Deal. It was yet another surprise for the members of the ARMY. But by this point, it is pretty clear that the rapper would not let his fans have a moment to catch their breath between all the surprises he drops. To thank him for the surprise, a fan proposed to the BTS star and the hilarious moment was caught on camera.

Happy birthday, Suga! Here’s to another year of amazing music and unexpected moments with the ARMY.

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