Dhanteras Special Horoscope for Today: Check What's in Store for You

Horoscope zodiac

Horoscope zodiac

Check your horoscope for today here.

Aries: In case something is bothering you, be cautious and work on trying to turn things around for good. Make most of your evening if you are invited to a social get together.

Taurus: You will realise the importance of your family in the success you have achieved. Your beloved will also shower you with abundant love later in the day and you will be more than happy to return the romance.

Gemini: You have been waiting for this rather too long but a beautiful day with your sweetheart lies ahead for you. You will earn enough money so don’t get worked up for any extra spending later in the day.

Cancer: It’s a favourable day when some of your dreams could realise, dear Cancer! Without extra planning, things will work out smoothly for you and you will also maintain good ties with your superiors.

Leo: Today could be a rather uninviting day smeared with unsatisfactory moments for you. You could be inclined to be volatile but it’s advisable for you to seek resort from seniors. By the end of the day, you will think more rationally.

Virgo: You are on the top of your world today. Because you are feeling undefeated and unassailable, you may invite unwarranted stress by starting a wild goose chase.

Libra: A lot is expected from you on the work front today. You may face some roadblocks which could demand more of your time at work and less for the family. Try to remember all those times your family sacrificed to lead your way to success.

Scorpio: You might be feeling fussy as a pile of assignments lie pending and deadlines are approaching. Don’t worry as your gregarious self could be in for a pleasant evening with dear ones.

Sagittarius: The stage is set for you to set the ball rolling. However, before you dive in its recommended that you consult your superiors.

Capricorn: Some arguments and disputes could be provoking for you today. Avoid getting pulled into scuffles at work as it could be a potential ruin to your future.

Aquarius: You will move forward with a tranquil head bringing in diplomacy where needed to sort out any discrepancies. A bright career offer could come your way which you should not let go of.

Pisces: Matters of hearth and heart will probably keep you busy during the day. In the evening, a romantic setting is in store with your significant other.

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