Horoscope for February 3: Here's What the Stars Have in Store for You Today

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Aries: You will be on the edge today and something that’s been bothering you for a while makes matters worse. Try to relax by catching up with some friends or attending a social gathering.

Taurus: Even though you will work very hard today, the results may not be up to the mark. Still, you can end the day satisfied with your efforts and have no regrets.

Gemini: Whether you are married or in a relationship, today is a good day for lovers. Show some appreciation and let them know they are cherished. Good day to initiate a relationship, if not yet taken.

Cancer: Practicality will take a backseat today as you will lean into your emotional side more. The sudden care and affection may surprise those around you but in a good way.

Leo: You have been waiting for the “big inspiration” to strike you at any moment and today just might be your lucky day! Be prepared with plans on how to execute these sudden ideas.

Virgo: Domestic tasks will take precedence over official work today. You will be needed on both fronts but you will have to make a choice as both sides are dependent on you.

Libra: You are a great orator and you will manage to influence those around you today. You will feel extra excited about work today and that infectious energy will rub off on others around you.

Scorpio: You will be putting out fires all day as trivial problems will keep arising on all fronts. Married people will have extra attention from their spouse. Expect a romantic trip in the near future.

Sagittarius: Dark times lie ahead as there might a problem at work and you will be in the eye of the storm. But it is nothing you cannot handle, just keep a calm demeanour and use practicality.

Capricorn: The work that you love has become frustrating because of the unending tasks. The piled up burden will not ease on its own. You need to shed some of the load.

Aquarius: Get ready to sing “money-money” as you can expect some big financial gains today. You will likely succeed at work, making you an object of envy for many. Be careful about false friends.

Pisces: A lack of success has left you uninspired and demotivated but that is about to change. Double down on your efforts and expect returns and appreciation soon.

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