Horoscope for February 4: Here's What the Stars Have in Store for You Today

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Aries: You will be the centre of attention today and get noticed not only for your looks but your work. The positive energy will make you be even more productive.

Taurus: Be careful today as you may have multiple negative interactions. Fights will occur with enemies and friends but don’t lose your cool. Act practically.

Gemini: Thinking about family and personal life will make up the majority of your day. While it’s good to listen to the heart, also think about finding a balance between work and emotions.

Cancer: You are having thoughts of changing your job but spontaneous decisions aren’t always the most productive. You will be on good terms with someone you admire today.

Leo: It’s time to bring out the party hats as you will find yourself hosting a get-together for old friends. New relationships may likely bloom here.

Virgo: It will be an emotionally confusing day as you will find yourself battling between humorous moods and bouts of sadness. Try engaging in spiritual activities to calm your mind.

Libra: Your family will be displeased with you today as you will have no time for them. A seemingly never-ending pile of work awaits you today.

Scorpio: Misunderstandings may sour family or romantic relationships. Take some time and clear the air before they get out of control.

Sagittarius: A business trip seems imminent on the cards. Travel opportunity will also bring positive results for work. Expect a surprise from a closed one.

Capricorn: You are working very hard to meet expectations of those around you. Especially family members. But keep in mind what pleases you and interests you, as approval from self is also important.

Aquarius: Work will be confusing today as you will experience some negativity from co-workers but praise from your bosses. Investment opportunities lie ahead, make calculated decisions.

Pisces: Someone is feeling malicious and may try to hinder your progress. Keep a friendly environment and don’t give anyone a chance to attack.

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