Horoscope for January 6: Check What’s in Store for You Today

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Here's what the stars have for you in store today

Aries: It’s a good day for personal relationships because you will experience warmth and love. Even the bonds that have been created recently are going to offer you happiness and fulfillment.

Taurus: Mutual goals are going to bring your family members close to each other. It is likely that you are going to have a heart touching conversation with a friend which is going to make you feel better.

Gemini: Remember to communicate your feelings to others in order to feel closer to them. It seems that others are going to respect your opinions and you will feel safe to express them.

Cancer: You are going to discover some new interests with your friends while stronger bonds will be formed with oldpals. It is a great day personally with you speaking your mind but not being blunt about it.

Leo: It is likely that you have achieved something unusual and that has changed the perspective of some of your loved ones towards you. They have started admiring you more than they used to.

Virgo: You will be reassessing some of the values that you have imbibed in the light of logic today. Anything new that you are going to explore today is just what you need right now to get some clarity.

Libra: It seems that the new people you meet are going to be strongly attracted towards you. You are going to be more friendly today while existing bonds will also become stronger.

Scorpio: Today, you won’t hesitate in showing affection towards your partner in public. You will plan a romantic dinner and be assured, your partner will appreciate the efforts.

Sagittarius: Discussions about fascinating ideas will bring you closer to your loved ones. The topic of discussion will help you grow if you plan to study it further.

Capricorn: The need to express your love will overpower you today. You will be spending a romantic evening with your lover if you are in a relationship.

Aquarius: You will feel that those who share your interest are part of your inner circle. If you are not with someone currently, it is possible that a love interest is soon going to appear.

Pisces: Getting closer to your friends will make you feel secured. If there are any major life decisions pending then this is the time to make them.

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  • First Published: January 6, 2021, 11:00 IST
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