Horoscope for Today: What’s in Store for You

Check your horoscope for today here.

Check your horoscope for today here.

Check your horoscope for today here.

Aries: You would be busy figuring out solutions at your home and work front. Some senior or experienced person could extend a valuable piece of advice.

Taurus: You are feeling reckless today and are extremely likely to indulge in wasteful expenditures. Try to be tight-fisted. It is highly recommended to avoid stepping out to go to a market today.

Gemini: You are thinking a lot about family security and financial issues. You will gain love and affection from your loved ones today, given your sensitive and emotional persona.

Cancer: If you have tried not to let your heart dictate terms, then today is the day to feel myriad emotions. Open up and engage in a special and frank conversation with people closest to you.

Leo: Today you will be successful in channelising your aggression and be practical. You will be able to sail smoothly through the day by focusing on business as you need an outlet for your energy.

Virgo: Don't exaggerate or go out of proportions in the quest to do something different. You will win appreciation from people with your enthusiasm at work.

Libra: Your family and loved ones will support you in your decisions. Expect a favourable and a positive day at work.

Scorpio: You become conscious about your looks and it becomes a matter of concern for you. Makeover is on your mind and you imagine yourself to be the best.

Sagittarius: Your kind heart has charity and donation on your mind today. Your imagination and attitude will take you a long way.

Capricorn: Step out of your shell and enjoy breathing in some fresh air. You want to splurge as a spendthrift but remember money can't buy you everything.

Aquarius: You will be able to complete pending assignments even if you are loaded with work. Watch the moves made by your opponents and keep yourself guarded.

Pisces: Due to excess workload, you might end up missing out on smaller details. Concentrate on your daily routine and complete all your pending projects.

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