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Horoscope Today: What Does the Universe Wish to Tell You on September 29

Horoscope zodiac

Horoscope zodiac

Read the predictions for September 29, what’s in store for Aries, Leo, Virgo, Libra and other zodiac signs.

Aries: Stay healthy, keep your fitness in check and eat properly. You might make unnecessary purchases today. Spending some time with friends will cheer you up. An academic-oriented trip may be on the cards today.

Taurus: Sour family relations, if any, might see a slight improvement today. Save money and energy and utilize it later. Put in some hard work and dedication to get favourable results on the academic front.

Gemini: Travelling is on the cards for some. Academically, things will seem a little easier. Get your running shoes on and get some light exercise. Your loved ones will make you feel warm in their company.

Cancer: You might receive money today, either through gift or as property. If you are looking forward to new prospects in life, life will seem a bit undemanding. Stay near to your closed circle of friends and family.

Leo: If you have plans to travel somewhere, gear up for a fun ride ahead. Do not forget to eat right to keep your health in check. You will be getting support today from your family. Love will force you to spend some time off work.

Virgo: You might go for an official trip soon. Finances will be more or less satisfying. Your work will become your 'happy place' today. A family reunion is likely. Romantic life will take a positive turn.

Libra: If you have given some money to a friend or an acquaintance, you are likely to receive it back today. Family and work-life will be perfectly balanced. Academically, you will be filled with confidence.

Scorpio: Financially, you will stay strong today. Travelling with near and dear ones is likely. Your health will stay better, giving you a reason to feel cheerful. A potential love interest will knock at your doors soon.

Sagittarius: People around you will be supportive of your ideas. A new property may seem easier to acquire today. On the work front, you might face issues, which will be resolved later in the day.

Capricorn: Money can bring you pleasure today. Marriage or some other celebration will result in a family get-together. Everyone will need you today, thanks to your helping attitude. People who are single might meet someone soon.

Aquarius: Someone might soon come to meet you. For those involved in travelling, expect a fun ride ahead. A family member will make your life a little easier today.

Pisces: Life will be smooth today, both professionally and academically. Strict self-care will make your health better. Family will be supportive of your work today.

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