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Horoscope Today, November 20, 2022: Astrological Prediction For All Zodiac Signs

By: Pooja Chandra


Last Updated: November 20, 2022, 00:01 IST

New Delhi, India

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Oracle Speaks, November 20, 2022: From Aries to Pisces, Know How Your Day Will Turn Out on Sunday. (Representative Image: Shutterstock)

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In times of distress and monotony, you may decide to go back to your old passion. You may at times feel stuck in a sedentary life, this should gain momentum soon. It’s just a passing phase. Money matters will also begin to move in a week’s time. Some of you may also feel like bringing home a pet for mental comfort. You will feel better by engaging with people known to you rather than building new bonds and new contacts.

LUCKY SIGN: An open gate


If something has been bothering you, make sure it gets addressed now. It’s not advisable to drag the matter for too long. A unique and different opportunity might knock at your door. If you don’t decide immediately it may go to someone else. You may get bogged down with short spurts of anger or irritation. The energies are towards resolving and readjusting, do cooperate wherever possible.

LUCKY SIGN: A bone china set


It’s your nature to initially keep quiet and observe during any discussion and then contribute later with your thoughts. But this time, you may get involved from the beginning, An ex is stalking you since last few months, expect a casual conversation or exchange of greetings soon. You are looking at streamlining your work commitments, but the time still isn’t supporting you. Wil continue to be so for some more days.

LUCKY SIGN: An amethyst


Speed and travel define the coming week. Something you have been working on now gets wings. Making a new schedule to suit your timings may help. You’re emotionally sound and determined. Your family may however feel disconnected for some time. But that will eventually be taken care of. You may consider reorganizing your home. North direction may be favorable for business owners.

LUCKY SIGN: A sparkling painting


New passion that was there like an undercurrent, now may show a promise. You too are more confident to share it. Trust the old to support you still and new to take it’s own time. A colleague will start becoming a part of your life and the bond may only strengthen. You were emotionally not so sure about yourself in the recent past, but the current energies will make you progress steadily. Any kind of addiction might disrupt your health, make a genuine effort to leave it.

LUCKY SIGN: An indoor palm


The summary of your last few months is substantial amount of daydreaming. It’s time to act too in that direction. Some suggestions about starting a new business may cross your path. You may think about it as a short term but can make quick money. You will now have to decide managing time between friends and work. Your decision will shape up the next few months, especially workwise. A work-related travel is on the cards which may prove beneficial.

LUCKY SIGN: An old favorite watch


Smart options in life will be more rewarding than old techniques. Create your life around some new rules and start appearing as more flexible and accessible. There is not too much movement in the coming days for you. You may also find it boring and directionless at times. A younger person may inspire you. The time is slow but is temporary so. Stay busy doing old things in a new manner.

LUCKY SIGN: A copper tumbler


Keep your wish list ready as time is now ripe for manifestation and fulfillment. You may see quite a few things getting accomplished that you had put an intention to. Relationships to get stronger and even more appreciative of each other. This is also a good time to think about financial investments. Streamline your options. Take care of your belongings if traveling. Some not so prominent incidents of the past may see a repeat.

LUCKY SIGN: A cracked glass


You have trying to handle multiple things at the same time, family and work. While you think that it’s possible, but the domestic front is lagging. Make some quality time for them too.

Have a clear communication with your subordinates at work and do not depend on assumption. Your senior may be directly communicating with your team. If you have been thinking of a new partnership, now is the time. Take some time out for personal entertainment and rejuvenation.

LUCKY SIGN: Two sparrows


Any kind of debt will now begin to trouble a little. It will take some effort to manage the same. A new vehicle is on the cards this year. You may soon feel the need to upgrade. Paperwork which is pending will have to get organized. Your mother has proven to be your best confidante, keep it that way. You may soon need to curb your screen time. There may be some issues with the vision that may require attention.

LUCKY SIGN: A pastel curtain


Master the craft of keeping people happy around you, it will make your network grow. There might be a few of them waiting to hear from you. here are signs of some benefits from your networking clans. It’s a good time to indulge in some new and deeper spiritual routines. At times grounding can help keep the foundation of an effective start. You are likely to meet some influential people. Cooking at home may also attract you now more than earlier.

LUCKY SIGN: A distinct doorbell


The energies are guiding a mentally fulfilling time. Although you still may find yourself physically restricted in moving around too much. Your online indulgence and time spent suddenly shall witness a spike. Children may need a good conversation and involvement from your end. An old friend is likely to make you feel nostalgic and plan with you. You may notice a dream pattern which is nothing but your subconscious playing out loud. Don’t take it too seriously. A new grooming routine or a self-pampering schedule may brighten up your day.

LUCKY SIGN: Yellow leaves

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